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Summary: Many people would like to ask God a question, but Moses actually received just such an opportunity, as we can see in 4 brief movements in his "interview with God" in Exodus 3:1-10.

Have you ever wanted to ask God a question? You know, interview Him? What would you ask Him? How many of your questions would begin with “Why?” Many times, we resort to asking that infamous question – “Why?” – especially when we feel as though our lives have been interrupted. Maybe you’ve experienced some change in life – in status, comfort level, health, contentment, finances, or relationships – that you weren’t expected nor were you desiring. The first thing you want to know is “Why?” You might even ask God that, and you’d really like to be able to talk with Him about it.

In Exodus 3, we find an account of a man who experienced an interruption in his life. Moses was his name. He was about to experience some things that he hadn’t been expecting or planning on. Guess you could say he didn’t “sign up” for what he was about to experience. Moses had a chance to engage in an interview with God about some of the changes he was headed for. In fact, it was through this interview that Moses actually found out about them. Amazing what you can learn and discern by talking to God, huh?

Read Exodus 3:1-10. As we take a look at this interesting encounter for a few moments this morning, I’d like for us to see 4 brief movements in the interview Moses has with God.

Movement 1 -

Moses: “Who am I?” V. 11 Moses was out one day minding his own business – tending the flock of his father-in-law. God interrupted his life. (He has the right to do that, you know!) Moses noticed the bush that was burning but not being consumed. Moses was probably thinking this was one of those Candid Camera moments. Maybe he thought, “Who am I” that I should be checking out this bush on fire that’s not burning up? Yet, more significantly, God spoke to him and gave him a more important assignment than the one he’d been carrying out. Things were about to change drastically for Moses. He wasn’t sure about all this. He said, “Who am I?” Perhaps another way to word his question would be “Why me?” Ever been there?

Movement 2 -

God: “I will be with you.” V. 12 God assured Moses that He would be with him. It’s such a comfort to know that when God calls us He equips us to carry out the task. Jesus gave his disciples the same assurance when he called them to go and set spiritual captives free by proclaiming the Gospel. He told them, “And lo, I will be with you always even unto the end of the age.” God gives the desire, strength, and ability to carry out what He wants us to do. Again, God assured Moses by saying, “I will be with you.” Another way God could have said it is “Why worry?”

Face it – do you worry about some of the interruptions that have come your way – some of those changes you weren’t prepared for? Jesus asked who could add a single hour to their day by worrying. He said there’s no sense in worrying about what tomorrow may bring – when each day has enough trouble of its own! (Amen to that!) Why worry? God’s there!

Movement 3 -

Moses: “What shall I tell them?” V. 13 In all honesty, Moses just doesn’t know if he’s so sure about this proposal God has for Him – to engage in this rescue mission. Still lacking clarity on the vision, Moses decided to extend the interview with God a little longer. He continues – in the event that he should agree to go to free the Israelites – and if they should question his authority, he wants to know how to proceed. Gotta have a back-up plan – or at least a back-up response. The truth is – Moses is still asking his same question as before. It’s just a little more convoluted this time. “Why me?” is still the main thought behind his words. He’s building the hypothetical scenarios in his mind. Imagine a quarterback running into the huddle, calling the play, and everyone looking at him and saying, “Who called that play?” QB wants to be able to say, “Coach!” Ever sensed that God was stirring the pot of events in your life? You could sense the winds of change starting to blow, and you wanted to know why your apple cart had to be the one upset? You’re not alone. “Why me?” Why not?

Movement 4 -

God: “I am who I am.” V. 14 Okay – responses don’t get any more classic than this, Folks! Moses extended the interview, and God obliged. He didn’t have to, but He did. Moses kept rephrasing the question of “Why me?” God - in His patience – kept responding. His response – though also re-worded – was still in the form of “Why worry?” God continued to offer assurance to Moses by saying, “I am.” God is consistent, and He is constant. In Malachi 3:6, the Lord Himself stated, “I the LORD do not change.” I am who I am, and I will be who I will be. You can take that to the bank! Moses’ life had been interrupted and was about to be interrupted to an even greater degree. “Why me?” he wondered. God responded with, “Why worry?”

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