Summary: a continuation of the sermon the water of happiness

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What is the context of John 7:38? Well, Jesus stood up and proclaimed: if anyone is thirsty let him come to Me and be satisfied. He was speaking during the feast of the tabernacles. This feast was a religious holiday about how God provided all that the israelites neede in the wildeness. During this celebration they bring a rock and pour water upon it symbolizing when God provided water out the rock for the children of israel. Christ is the Rock, the Satisfying Source. Only this Supernatural water can satisfy you. Jesus was a great illustrator. At the same time that the water was being poured upon the holy rock, Jesus stood and cry out! HE LONGS to be the soul's satisfaction! He invites all thirsty souls to come and drink of HIS Spirit. Only the Unseen can satisfy the human heart. Jesus' brothers told Jesus to go to the feast of tabernacles to show off Himself, but Jesus repudiated such idea. Jesus, the Incarnation of Divine Humility, did not care about His own fame. What Jesus pursues the most is to be our Happiness. Now, turning back to the context of John 738, Jesu goes to the feast in the Father's timing and Divine Agenda in the will of God. Jesus stands as to call absolute attention upon Himself (to draw people to enjoy Him). Jesus invites all to come and drink! He does not invite them to religion, or a denomination or a doctrine, or a building, or a thing: BUT TO HIMSELF! He is the Source of Happiness! He is the Only Fountain of Satisfaction! Come to Him, not to things! In John 7:38 Jesus mentions "the Scriptures". This could refer to all the passages in the Old Testament that speaks about living waters since John 7:38 is speaking about Rivers of Living Waters. Under this holy context, Jesus makes His Divine invitation to be our Thirst Quencher for remember nothing can't make you happy, except Jesus, Who is the Water of Happiness. Amen.

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