Summary: This sermon looks at the prayer the apostles prayed for boldness in Acts 4:23-31

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An Occasion for Motivation: Acts 4:23-31,

Most Christians would likely cower in fear if we had been arrested, questioned and then forbidden to even speak in the name of Jesus. The apostles however took a very different approach. They came before God asking for boldness to continue proclaiming the very name they had been forbidden to even speak. There were five attributes of God they recognized in their prayer which gave them boldness to press on.

They prayed to the God of…

1. CREATION - v. 24

There is no greater power that exists beyond the God who made everything. He could surely protect them.

2. SALVATION - v. 25-27

They knew from Jesus teaching not to fear the ones who can destroy the body only but to fear Him who can destroy both body and soul. He could surely deliver them.


They knew that no matter what happened, He had a purpose for them.


They knew that God had intentionally purposely communicated to mankind through His word and that for their ministry to be effective it must be His Word spoken through them.


They knew that it wasn’t for their sake that God had purposed all of these things but only so that His name would be glorified so that we could identify with Him.

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