Summary: God is at work behind the scenes even when we think He is not.

An Opportune Time

Nehemiah 2:1-8

I. An Ordinary Day (1)

A. Elapsed time

B. Still at the job

II. An Extraordinary Circumstance (1b-3)

A. An obtuse servant (1b)

B. An observant king (2)

C. An astute observation (3)

III. A Bold Request (4-8a)

A. From the king (4a)

B. From Nehemiah (4b-5, 7-8a)

1. To God (4b)

2. To the king (5-8a)

a. Send me to Judah (5)

b. Allow me to build (5b)

c. Grant me official status (7)

d. Provide what I need (8a)

IV. A Benevolent Answer (6, 8b)

A. Brought by careful planning (6)

1. Detailed plan & time frame (6b)

B. Brought by the hand of God (8b)

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