Summary: Describing some events in our churches today that are not of God.



1 Corinthians 14:8

1Co 14:8 For if the trumpet give an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself to the battle? (KJV)

INTRODUCTION: In a military situation various kinds of musical sounds gave various instructions.

Reveille – Every morning the trumpet would blow reveille and every soldier knew it was time to rise and meet in formation in the company street.

Retreat – At 10:00 PM the trumpet would blow “TAPS” which meant “lights out”, and go to bed.

Charge - Attack – When in battle if the commander wanted the troops to charge the enemy he would have the bugler blow “the charge” and that meant to advance toward the enemy in battle.

There was other musical sounds that had various meanings, but suppose that the bugler would blow the retreat when he was supposed to blow the charge. The army would not know what to do.

An uncertain sound can bring about the wrong actions and results. If the soldiers do not recognize the sound then they will not know what to do.

That’s why there must never be an uncertain sound in the army of the Lord. That is also why so many churches are not progressing on into Spiritual battle with the enemy, they have been given an uncertain sound and they did not prepare themselves for battle. There is so much going on in the church realm today that gives out an uncertain sound.

There are uncertain sounds coming from every direction today. We certainly are getting them from Washington DC. Certainly from the news media. Nearly every Christian publication is sounding an uncertain sound. Even a lot of churches are sending out an uncertain sound. That’s why we Baptists must always sound forth a clear and certain sound.

I have chosen four areas of church work that we see this uncertain sound being sounded in this day. Listen as I give these four thoughts to you tonight.


A. Worldly Music In Church Services.

1. Contemporary music. I have never seen a definition of the term “Contemporary Music”. However, I do know that it is not the kind of music that God wants to be sung in N.T. Churches today.

2. Gospel Rock - ???? I have never understood that term – “Gospel Rock”. Rock music cannot be gospel music.

a. Rock music defines a certain culture and not a type of music. Every culture has

its own music. The music always defines what the purpose and mission of that particular culture is.

b. Rock music lends itself to rebellion, drugs, open sex, and anti-God.

c. There is no gospel in rock music.

The music industry has tried to tell us that they can take music that is of the world and make it acceptable unto God by renaming it. That is demeaning to God. It would seem like the music industry was trying to trick God into something He would not know about. How absurd!

Music affects the emotional system. When you hear a sad song about a loved one being killed or a home going through divorce your emotional system will react to the message of that song. When you hear a happy and joyous song you will rejoice in that song. Society has learned to control the temperament of people with music. Shopping centers will play soft gentle music that causes the people to move and react slow. Thus they will spend more time in the shopping aisles, and buy more product. They even choose songs with certain words that will speak to the sub-conscience telling you that you must buy that product.

If it is a situation where they want the people to move on fast then music with a more upbeat sound will be played, and the people will exit the area much faster. An example of this is in the exercise places. The music that is played during exercise is fast and jumpy thus causing the people to exercise faster. If the music was slow and restful the people would go to sleep while exercising. Music will affect your emotional center either for the cause and purpose of God or against God and His cause.

Many years ago some of the Dairy companies experimented with music while milking the cows. They found that when soft, gentle, and slow music was played the cows would produce more milk than when fast, loud, jumpy music was played. Babies, when nursing while loud jumpy music is being played will have the stomach ache when more than soft gentle music was played.

B. Music In A Church Service Is To Prepare The Soul For Worship.

If non-worship music is used in a church service how can the congregation prepare themselves for worship? They can’t. Therefore there will be no worship happening. That’s one reason why contemporary music is wrong. None of it really promotes worship. When I hear many of the “Old Time Gospel Hymns” my heart is stirred and I feel the presence of God and I can worship Him whether I am in church, in my car, or setting in my office. Hymns like “He Hideth My Soul” – “It Is Well With My Soul”. Music will either take you closer to God, or distance you from Him.

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Allen Barton

commented on Aug 20, 2009

Brother, it is good to see that there is still a remnant out there that will tell it like it is and teach it the way it is! I, like you, fear that there are few today, including leaders in the church, that do not know what a New Testament church is. Keep preaching and teaching the truth the way the Lord gives it to you. Your message was a blessing and an encouragement to my ministry.

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