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Summary: There are things you believe God for but you’ve not seen them manifest...God words are yea and amen..

And it came pass

Many a times for us as Christians we are faced with issues, situations and circumstances that makes us doubt whether all the promises made to us in the bible can actually come to pass. Sometimes we hear a good message and our faith is stirred up within us...faith cometh by hearing..we begin to believe God for greater things. But after a while we begin to lose faith and doubt whether those promises are actually true or if they are only meant for a particular set of people. In fact, some of us actually heard clearly what God wants to do for us but our present circumstance does not in anyway indicate any possibility of manifestation. We are so overwhelmed by the problem that we fail to see the possibility of a solution.

Hannah (grace or gracious) in our text to day was in such a situation. She was married to a man called Elkanah (Acquired by God), who despite his profession of love to Hannah still had another woman, Peninnah (Pearl) to warm his bed. To make matters worse Hannah was barren while her adversary had children...Have you ever been in a situation where it looks like everything is just going wrong for you...you lose your husband, lose your children, lose your home, lose your job and at the point of losing your mind..has anyone ever felt like world is crashing down on them. Bible says that Hannah’s adversary (Peninnah) provoked her sore..An adversary is an opponent, one who stands in your way of progress, hinders you, resist you. In fact that is the devil’s position..who or what is your own Peninnah? Remember Peninnah means pearl and from my understanding of english language pearl is supposed to be beautiful. It is used to decorate or adorn women to enhance their beauty. Are there not things in your life that are supposed to add colour to your life but have now turned to an adversary?? Are there not people who from afar look so wonderful to you but when you get close you find out they are not so so beautiful on the inside. Has God given you a good job and now it seems you’re about to lose that job? Have you had a wonderful wedding only to return to the court later to file for divorce?? Peninnah!!! How do I deal with this pearl that has turn to a shackle. Bible says Hannah wept sore...have you been weeping secretly in your closet? Everytime children are born it reminds Hannah of her own deficiency...what testimonies have you heard and it reminds you of your own impossibilities. Hannah refused to eat..she fasted constantly. Even Elkanah could not comfort Hannah..am not I better to thee than ten sons? he ask...how can a husband replace a child? No matter how good intentioned any man is they don’t have the solution or the answer to your problems...have your friends in trying to help you offered you a substitute for what you really want?? has your family ’organized’ a replacement for what God promised you?

People say when the desirable is unavailable then the available becomes the desirable...but I beg to defer, I will not take a substitute for my promise.

Hannah wept before Elkanah but when she discovered that her help cannot come from Elkanah she went to the Source. For how long will you let man see your tears? The best you can get from them is sympathy. Take your tears to the one who is able to help you. 1 Samuel 1:12, bible says ’And it came to pass...’ After all the trauma, heartache of going to man Hannah finally went to God for help. So much was her anguish that even the man of God thought she was drunk. Have you been talking to God while on a job out of the desperation of your heart that people working with you thought you’re losing your mind?? Welcome!! Hannah just couldn’t be bothered what anyone thought of her, she was over the edge in her grieve. She caught heaven’s attention by her cry that heaven spoke to her through old , going blind Eli 1 Samuel 1:17. May God grant you your heart’s desires in Jesus name. 1 Samuel 1:20 ’...it came to pass...’

86 times in the scriptures ’..it came to pass..’ As long as God has said it, it will definitely come to pass. It was bright and sunny when God told Noah to build the ark and tell people that He will destroy the earth with flood in 7days ( Flood lasted for 40 days). Noah obeyed...and it came to pass Genesis 7:1-10. Eliezer had a very important assignment- find a wife for Isaac! ’ He that findeth a wife findeth a good thing...’ Eliezer knew he needed God’s favor to find so he prayed in Genesis24:12 ’...let it come to pass..’ And in verse 15 - ’...and it came to pass..’. Korah, Dathan and Abiram rose up to rebel against Moses and Moses cried unto God....’..and it came to pass..’ At every point where God had been sought it has come to pass. I don’t know what you have asked him for till now and it has not manifested...I am sent to tell you by Heaven...’...and it came to pass..’ Are you struggling with an issue...it came....so it will pass...it came to pass...not to stay. Just hold on!

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