Summary: When the dust settles, what will others say about you! Much was said about Joseph and his encounter with Potiphers wife. We can learn three valuable lessons from his experience.

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"And Joseph Was..."

Genesis 39:1-6


I. In the 1994 Miss Alabama USA Contest one of the young ladies didn’t display the smarts we come to expect from such a contestant. In a way it was humorous to say the least. She was aked the question:

"If you could live forever, would you & why?" her reply was classic. "I would not live forever, because we should not live forever, because if we were supposed to live forever then we would live forever, but we cannot live forever, which is why I would not live forever."

A. What an answer!

Our Biblical hero does balance things out though. His name was Joshep. Sold into slavery by his brothers, he was rescued by Potipher the captain of Pharoah’s royal army when he bought him from a Ishmeelite slave trader.

1. Immediately he put him to work in his own home. Best decision he had ever made. God was with Joseph and it became evident to Potipher and is stated in scripture from verse 4 "And Jospeh found grace in his sight..."

Potipher though wasn’t the only one watching Joseph, so was his wife. And here is where the story begins and the lessons we should learn from his experience for our own Christian life. Genesis says, "And Joseph was..." and this is where it all begins.

Main Division

I. He Was A Young Man & Full Of Ideas (37:3-5)

It was evident there was something special about Jospeh. He knew, his father knew and yes, his brothers resented it. Each time Joseph spoke his brothers had to acknowldge that God was involved in his life. Others like his brothers may not embrace our values or visions that God gives us. Expect some resentment from the world. Jesus Himself said, "The world hated me first.."

II. He Was A Young Man Of Great Intelligence (39:1-3)

God had blessed Jospeh spiritually and intellectually. Everything he had put his hand to God favored it. When our walk with God is like Joseph’s expect God’s favor and for our faith to grow!

III. He Was A Young Man Of Integrity (39:7-9)

Isn’t it refreshing, when tempted the scriptures says, "He refused..." He was a young man full of integrity. I believe you’ll agree that’s one characteristic missing in many lives today.

Conclusion: When others meet you what will they be saying?

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