Summary: A look at the First and Last Adam, where does the Church and you Stand?This sermon deals with the only two Adams that will ever be born and the choice we hafe to make in which one to live in.

And the first man Adam. A look at the first and last Adam, where is the church? 1st Corinthains 15:45-49, And so it is written,The first man Adam was made a liveing soul, the last Adam was made a quickening spirit. Have you ever thought where the church is today?, is it in first or last Adam, you know, is it takeing on the look of the world or is it in a state of grace? The Bible tells us that First Adam was earthly, made of the ground, and that the carnal mind is at emnnity with God. The first Adam was made a liveing soul, with the ability to make choices of his own and later sined ,causeing the fall of all mankind. Who then is first Adam, hes not just the man of Genesis, hes a type of humanbeing that has existed through out hystory. Rebelious and disrespectful, haveing a sinful and waring nature.Always fighting and never being able to attain, always learning and never being able to come to the knowledge of the truth, always seeking and never finding true piece ,always giveing the right answers to all the wrong questiuons. And what about Last Adam? He is Last Adam, because there will be no other.The Bible states that last Adam was made a quickening spirit, a spirit that makes others come alive. Notice now, this is very important to us all, when God looks down upon the earth he only sees two distinct peoples, those in first Adam and thoses in last. Doesnt it make sence? Two Adams the first earthly, which we have all been born into, and the last Adam that we all hafe to be reborn into. We came from our mothers womb into sin and from our Fathers seed we came into rightiouness. From the first we die and from the last we live eternally throu Christ Jesus our Lord. From the first ,we make choices from the last we follow commands. From the first we are lost and from the last we are found in him. Why then did the first Adam, not be that which was spiritual ? Because of the freedom of choice. To make a man in His own immage and likeness God had to create a new being, seperate from the angels, not just a created being but a created and born immage with a liveing soul. To be a child of God. A companion a family, not just to serve but to love Him. And the only way that God could do that was to create in the earthly, out of the earth, in the immage of God, Himself. We are then higher than the angels. As is the earthly, such are they also that are earthly, those not in last Adam are in sin, being ruled by the prince of darkness, lead by the lust of the flesh. And as is the heavanly, such are they also that are heavanly, those that are lead by Christ, are them of God and are lead by the spirit, and those that are lead by the spirit, he gives power too become the sons of God. First Adam went out into the world to live and the Last Adam went to the cross so that we may live. The first Adam died and went to the dust of the earth to wait judgement, and the Last Adam came up from the grave to give mercy over judgement. First Adam stayed in the grave and the Last Adam sits on the right hand of power. The first man is of the earth, earthly, and the second man is the Lord from Heavan. The first man was made from the dust of the ground and the second man was made from the spirit and seed of God. And as we have borne the immage of the earthly, when we came into the knowledge of sin and became lost we came into the immage of the First Adam, sinners, lost without hope, alone, untill Jesus came into our hearts., we shall also bear the immage of the heavanly, when we accepted Jesus, as Lord and Christ, we became one of his and were recreated into his immage, a child of God. Reborn into the spirit of the one who sent him to reconcile us to God, not by works, lest any man should boast, but of faith throu Christ Jesus. First Adam which we were in, was headed toward destruction . As man got further away from God, the hatredgrew and grew and death intered into the world, first by Cain and last by the antichrist at armageddon. Last Adam offered life and life more abundantly and was crucified for loveing this world and Gods creation. They didnt want to let go of first Adam, they liked sin and unrightiouness and those who loved it also. They wanted to hang on to power and athority and loved the praises of men rather than the praises of God. So where does the Church stand and where do you stand today? Are you still in first Adam, are you still only noticeing people when you look down to see what your steeping on, are you still putting Jesus to an open shame and crucifying him over again? Or have you made up your mind that you will only accept the truth and be in Last Adam? Are you still the light of the world that He asked you to be, or have you stoped trying to reach others and sitting there waiting on the rapture? Hopeing that everything will be alright? He told us to ,seek out our own salvation with fear and trembling, today, let it be known that you are a child of the King, sinner repent, christian make a new commitnent to God, release first Adam from your life and accept being in Last Adam before its to late, renew yourselves again, and be that light. Are you in first Adam or in Last? ars

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