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Summary: It’s not your sins you commit that will condemn you to hell, it’s your choice of choosing darkness instead of (over)light, thus producing an addicted to sin producing man.

1-21-07 Sermon: and this is your Condemnation Jn 3: 16 - 20 (V19*)



Whoremongers, adulterers, liars, thieves, fornicators etc cannot go to heaven, according to the Word

- however, this is not what will condemn you

- It’s not our sins that are stopping us, or condemning us.

- our love of darkness is , is killing us, (is our condemnation)

These are excerpts from a book I started writing 2 yrs ago

IN DEDICATION TO: My precious wife Sue who has supported my every ambition and calling. And to our 3 sons who are a bi-product of both, our love and our calling. None were mistakes or accidents, just simply cherished gifts. To all of the people who have sit in audiences and patiently listened to me speak over the past 39 years. All of you are my love, my passion for life. I have an abounding love for mankind, to help mankind, and to see Jesus set them all free!


Most of us trust the Bible for answers,

- and some (even Atheist) would dare read it

- if they could prove the "Bible thumping" preacher in the pulpit wrong.

Every time one goes to church,

- mostly, all they hear from the thunderbolt preacher, is"

- Hell, Fire, and Brimstone.

- Members and visitors alike, sit on the pew

wishing this man would preach on something different

- every once in a while

- like love, success, prosperity, divine healing, being a good father, etc.

- My book is intended to draw every age group, every doctrine, every belief, every prisoner, every household, the homeless, the pimp, the prostitute, every readers attention to it.

- Atheist are welcome to pick it up and sift through it’s pages.

- The theologians can pick it apart,

- conservatives can be appalled by its opening statements,

- liberals can be prepared to shout

- because they read it as a chance to prove the ligitimacy of their open-mindedness

- and are prepared to shout with a voice of triumph,

- that is until they read a little further

- to the religious steeped in non-biblical traditions

- and or are still bound with teachings from under the law,

- I mourn for you.

The title of this book is ever so right. You could sit down and watch all of the pornography you want, you could go sign up for HBO movies, or even order the Playboy magazine. You could even have sex with your own relation, your children or even your own mother. These are ugly nasty sins, but they ar not what will condemn you. You could even have a one night stand with your neighbors wife, and then have to stand and before God, he will never say to you "this is why you are condemned, because you committed one of the above".

Based on this one fact: sin will be judged

- God hates sin

- God cannot look upon sin

- but sin is not what will condemn us not according to our text.

- choosing darkness over light will be our condemnation

- sin is a bi-product, is a fruit of our darkness

We bear responsibility to reach: The lost "GOOD GUY"

- we need to tell them that they will not go to Hell because of their many sins

- they will go to Hell because of the sin of silence

- the sin of omission (neglecting to choose light)

- confession is made with the mouth

- verbally (in true repentance brokenness)

- they will go to hell only because they remained silent

- one does not have to commit a whole lot of sin to go to hell

- just make one bad choice will do that for you

- choosing darkness over light

- at least they aren’t aware that they had in fact made a choice (when they remained silent)

- when you choose darkness (even though you have not verbalized or said a thing)

- you automatically have refused the light (so you did in fact make a choice)

- when you say no to the light of Christ (you shove yourself into satan’s lap

- notice here: I choose not to capitalize satan’s name (back to message)

- you automatically join the ranks of those who love darkness

Bottom line: a good guy who has never made a choice (or so you thought)

- is just as lost as Saddam Hussane (he was convicted, he killed tens of thousands)

- that charge was his condemnation

- you are condemned because you chose darkness

Again: Sin is a bi-product of darkness

- produced by darkness! What did you do, while in darkness? You sinned!

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