Summary: Angles are a part of the Christian Theology, they due service for God and to man; yet they are inferior to Christ who is above all celestial beings.

HEBREWS 1:1-14



I. THE ANOINTED: Hebrews 1:1-3

A. Announces.

B. Accomplishes.

C. Administrates.

II. THE ARGUMENT: Hebrews 1:4, 5

A. Advantageous.

B. Achievement.

C. Analogy.

III. THE ANGELS: Hebrews 1:6-14

A. Assignment.

C. Activities.

C. Approbation.

The writer to the Hebrews waists little time in establishing the fact that Christ is better. He is better than everything that the readers had known in times past. Through out the letter, the writer states that Christ and His religion is better in twelve different ways to the Old Testament and the former way of serving God.

Like a brilliant lawyer, the writer builds his case to prove that we who follow Jesus have the best in this world and in the world to come. In the passage before us, the writer starts out by telling his reader that Christ is better than the angels. He ends his argument in chapter 12, verse 24, by affirming that the sacrifice of Christ is better than Abel’s. By so comparing this sacrifice of Abel’s slain lamb to the Slain Sacrifice of Christ-he concludes his writing by assuring his readers that the best sacrifice of God’s plan was the last recorded in the Holy Writ as compared to the first animal sacrifice in the Bible.

Here, in chapter one, the writer lays his foundation for what is to come and slowly, methodically, he builds his case unto a crescendo of glory and rapture for we servants of Christ. It is important to remember the time frame in which he wrote his letter. It was in the first century of Christendom and the Judiazers were busy trying to tear down what Christ had accomplished. The Romans were busy trying to snuff out Christianity. The Gnostics were busy trying to impinge the reality of flesh, spirit and soul. There were heretics already loose in the Christian Church. The different churches of Corinth and those mentioned in the Book of the Revelations were already showing signs of internal discord. Amongst all of this background, the writer of the Hebrews takes stylus to parchment and says in only the brilliant manner in which he was able to write, “Fellow believers, just let me tell you how precious your faith is by comparing things around you and I will prove that we have it “better” than all the rest. Furthermore, we are headed to a “better” place, bought and purchased by the Blood of Jesus, a “better” land than what we have this side of eternity.” Although this letter was of much importance in his day, the passing of time has not diminished the value of these “betters” that he mentions. If any thing, these “betters” are looking “better” every year that God withholds the return of Jesus for His Bride. Friends, it can only get better and better the longer we serve Jesus here and then go home to be with Him in the future.

I see three things about the first “better” of this book. I see where the writer introduces Jesus to his readers as THE ANOINTED One, in verses one through three. Next, I note THE ARGUMENT for his position in verses four and five. Finally, I see where he introduces THE ANGELS and their lesser place in verses six through fourteen.

I. THE ANOINTED: The writer begins his work by going straight to the point of establishing just who this Jesus was. It appears that the writer has much to say and does not wish to waste anyone’s time in trying to identify this ANOINTED One. He assumes that his readers know of Whom he is speaking and he begins to build his case by telling all just how much “better” is Jesus than the angels of which he will soon write.

First of all, the writer introduces Jesus by simply saying whereas God had sent prophets of old to Israel and to the world, He-in His wisdom-has sent Jesus, His Son, the Maker and Upholder of all that has been made. This is a powerful statement. To think, that He the Creator, a Member of the Trinity, the One of Whom John wrote about being the Creator of the world, came to His world to personally Announce to mankind His plan of salvation. Friends, do we realize just Whom we serve? We serve the Creator of this world and the universe. Do we fully grasp the fact that this One whom we serve, talks to us, through the agency of the Holy Spirit? Do we fully comprehend that Jesus forgives us, hears our prayers, abides in us? This Creator and Sustainer of this world thinks we are so important that He wants to communicate with us. The writer of the letter introduces this Jesus for who He is-God’s Son and He has come to speak to us in the flesh and now in the Spirit. The time of the intermediaries vanished when Jesus was born-God now talks directly to we mere mortals. What a Saviour!!!

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