Summary: The 4 classifications of angels, and info. on Michael, Gabriel, Seraphim and Cherubim. Link included to formatted text, handout, and PowerPoint Presentation.

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God’s Heavenly Warriors, pt. 3

Col. 1:16

Because of the invisible war going on in the air around us between God’s Holy Angels and those who fell w/ Lucifer, the angels of heaven are organized into an intricate system of rank, position and authority.

Let me first show you that as it concerns Satan’s angels. His demons are organized in much the same way:

Ephes. 6:12

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Here we see 4 designated positions of authority. These are 4 classes of demons. Every commentator I read after agrees that these are ranks…different levels of authority in the demonic world.

J. Vernon McGee is a great commentator. I love what he says and HOW he says it too! He has an interesting take on these verses…tho’ this may be just speculation…it’s good food for thought:

Principalities—he believes this would correspond to a general in the military. This would be a very high ranking demon. This demon would have oversight of an entire nation. In Daniel, it talks about “the prince of Persia” in ref. to a specific demon. Other verses also seem to indicate this. Think about America: in the last 100 years our nation has morally and spiritually been influenced greatly by something from the realms of darkness. There is much corruption in Washington, and I have no problem recognizing the demonic influence upon our nation.

Revelation talks about 4 demons which are right now bound beneath the Euphrates River. They could represent the 4 great kingdoms of human history: Grecian, Roman, Persian and Babylonian Empires. These 4 demons could be the prinicipalities which were over these empires. When those empires fell, they were bound, but they will be turned loose upon the 1 world gov’t during the tribulation.

Powers—He believes these demons have the oversight of powerful individuals. This could be a demon possessed world leader, or other leader in great power. I don’t believe a Christian can be possessed, but only oppressed. I am inhabited by the Holy Spirit and I don’t believe an unholy spirit can also inhabit me.

Rulers of darkness—He believes these to have oversight in worldly business and industry. For example: how many would agree w/ me that the Hollywood establishment is corrupt? Sure! There’s a dark force behind that. How about the music industry? Same thing.

Spiritual wickedness in high places—He points out that the phrase ‘high places’ is throughout our OTs. Idol worshippers had their high places where they worshipped Baal and other false gods. McGee thinks these would be demons w/ oversight in areas of religion in the world. Let’s face it, religion is not a good thing. More people will be sent to hell by religion than by Hollywood or the music industry! More wars are fought in the name of religion than because somebody saw violence in a movie!

So, we have these 4 classifications of demons. But this flow chart didn’t start w/ Satan. He is not the originator, just an imitator.

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