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Summary: So many want the power and anointing of the Lord. It comes with a high cost that many aren't willing to pay. A huge observation this preacher has made about all the anointed men of God in the Bible: they had to have the ability to serve God with all their

Anointed and Alone

1 Samuel 21:1-13/ Psalms 56:1-13

The Bible never flatters its heroes. Here is David, anointed to be king; destined to rule over great lands and wealth, but living in caves on the run begging for food and fearing for his life. Anointed! But alone.

Ever wonder why the promises of God sometimes look or seem to be closed? Head and not the tail? Not there yet. Kids not saved yet. Health not the best.

God tests our faith so He can get us into the place where He can fulfill his promises. Look at David:

1. Fear absolutely drove this anointed man of God into sin.

Vs 10 - 'fled... for fear of Saul."

Vs 12 - 'Sore afraid of Achish the king of Gath."

Fear is always the enemy of faith. This is the battle of the Believer. Faith causes us to grow and triumph and overcome. We believe God, rest in His Word, and enjoy His approval. Once we doubt and question His will or Word, our faith begins to shrivel and shrink until we literally cease to believe - aka: unbelievers because of unbelief. Believers in name only, not in practice or actions.

For David the throne was his, but on the way there he was tested every step of the way. Are we any better? It takes only a moment to make a convert; a lifetime to produce a saint.

David shouldn’t have feared, but he did. Neither should we, but we do. Sometimes in storms, even when we know Jesus is in the boat with us, we can’t see anything but the wind and waves. There He abides calm, cool, collected, and definitely in control, but we get hysterical focusing on the problems. Seems dumb. When will we learn? It’s easy to loose that 20/20 vision and develop a spiritual squint.

We need to let the sunshine burn away the fog.

Looking back at David. When he walked into the Tabernacle alone the priest immediately detected a problem. 'Why art thou alone?' The king's son in law with no attendants, no entourage, no guards?

O that we would just be honest with God. This same thing happens to each of us at times too. That still small voice questions our actions, thoughts, and motives 'why are you like this?'

David lied. So do we when we make excuses or try to justify ourselves or try to compare ourselves with others.

David was found out. Doeg was Saul's chief herdsman. David's heart skipped a beat while he was lying to the priest, in comes Doeg minding his own business, unaware of David being in the tabernacle and hears everything. BUSTED! Oh no! Doeg might tell the priest the truth! He might chase David! Might send word to Saul! Busted!

The same thing happens to us. While we compare ourselves with others, in walks the Holy word of God - Busted! Trying to justify ourselves and in walks the Spirit - Busted! Trying to make up a good excuse and in walks Jesus, who 'for the joy thereof..."

We are without excuse... Romans 1:20 ‘For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:’

So David begins to look for weapons in the house of the Lord. Weapons!? Nothing but Goliath's sword. A trophy. David couldn’t handle Saul’s armor; goliath's sword must have looked like pew....

Trying to protect himself or maybe trying to intimidate Doeg; the whole time looking like a clown. The same with us when we try to use any other help than the Lord. Back on the run, dragging Goliath's sword.

Running for his life, he goes to Gath. Goliath's home town. With Goliath's sword. Like burning a flag. Like spitting on a Bible. Running for his life, attracting more fire with every step. Well, at least he got away from Doeg!

1 Sam 22:20-23,

David's suspicions were right - Doeg did tell Saul and in the king's blind fury, misunderstands and thought the priests were aiding and embedding David the fugitive.

Saul makes Doeg kill every priest and all their families. 86 holy men, their wives and children all died because David feared and doubted God's Word!

One man escaped the slaughter and came to David. When David heard what happened he said 'I have occasioned the death of all the persons of thy father's house.' David's sin led to a horrible tragedy.

So how about it? Do you come to the House of the Lord for comfort and strength and then realize that the Spirit of God has found you out, that the voice of the Lord is saying to you 'why this, why that?' Have you made excuse so long or justified yourself so long that you are calloused or indifferent? He knows why you are the way you are! He just wants you to confess your fears and doubts. He wants you to repent for questioning his plans and purposes in your life. I panicked! I questioned! I doubted! And instead of running to Him for renewing and strength I let doubt snowball into unbelief!

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