Summary: Run away. Doubt it will work. Embrace God who first embraces us. Three responses to the call to "Go and Make Disciples". This sermon explores how three well-known biblical figures and how they answer God’s call to go.

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Sermon for CATM - September 9, 2007

Answering the Call to Go

Jonah 1:1-3; John 20: 24-28; Matthew 26:30-33

It was one of the most terrifying experiences of my life. It was my first week at Evergreen in May of 1985.

There was a huge summer team who had signed on for the summer missionary program at the mission. Our purpose was to connect with youth on the streets and to gain some experience in missions.

A senior staff member, who shall remain nameless gave us our first assignment: “Go out onto the streets and find someone...a share the gospel with”.

As soon as the words left his mouth my hands got clammy. The hair on the back of my neck was standing at attention. My mouth went dry. I started to sweat. A lot.

I whispered to myself: “He’s kidding right? He’s gotta be kidding. There’s no way...” The group dispersed. I noticed some of my colleagues were pumped. They had always wanted to be given the freedom and license to go and do this. A few of them behaved like they were happy with the assignment, but it was something they’d done a hundred times so they were looking for a real challenge. Most others, like myself, were very quiet and had a look in their eyes that I could identify with. That look, of course, was sheer terror.

So, I gathered my courage and went out on to the street by myself. I looked around. As I walked down the street I tried to imagine myself walking up to a complete stranger, starting a conversation and then finding a way to witness to them about Jesus.

Problem was, I couldn’t actually imagine anything at all other than running away in the opposite direction.

So I went into a restaurant, ordered a ginger ale, and sat there, by myself, until it was time to go back to Evergreen with my head hung low. Now it might seem like I’m bragging...but I assure you, I’m not.

I say this to illustrate three things:

1. Reaching out to others will stretch us, sometimes beyond our comfort zones

2. Trying to do something you were not made to do is next to impossible

From that experience I learned that I need to get to know people first before I can share faith with them. That works for me.

Another story. Another response to God’s call.

Jonah: God sent Jonah to Ninevah. Nineveh was an enemy of Jonah’s country, Israel. So, Jonah did not want to go to Nineveh.

Jonah tried to escape God. He tried to travel elsewhere, by ship. But there was a terrible storm. Jonah knew that God had caused the storm. So, he asked the sailors to throw him into the sea.

But Jonah did not drown, because God sent a whale (large fish) to swallow Jonah. Then, Jonah prayed to God again. He thanked God, who had rescued him (Jonah 2). And God caused the fish to return Jonah to the dry land.

So, Jonah went to Nineveh. He warned the people that they must confess their evil deeds to God. Otherwise, God would destroy their nation.

The people obeyed Jonah. So, God forgave the people in Nineveh. God did not destroy Nineveh at this time.

But Jonah was sad, because Nineveh was his enemy. Jonah wanted God to destroy Nineveh. But God told Jonah that God cares about the people from every nation.

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