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Summary: Our spirituality should attract others to Christ. Sometimes Christians live their lives in such a way that makes non-Christians would avoid going near a church.

An Appealing Spirituality

1. Introduction

One can appeal or repel. The secret of a magnetic spirituality.

2. The Dangers of a Repelling Spirituality

Isa. 56.3: The Church is meant to be a culture solution. A place where people can find nourishment and grow. But what happens in the Church most often is the church force people out or kill.

Such a situation is addressed here. In the Babylonian exile those who joined with the community of Israel were many. This passage is asking for God’s People to lead their life in such a way that those foreigners who joined with them will not leave the community. The church situation must be conducive for the eunuchs those who are recenlty proselytised should find usefulness and fruitfulness.

2.1 Illustration

Comedian Lenny Bruce once remarked on the modern Church: ÔEvery day people are straying away from the church and going back to God.Õ

3. A disciplined Spiritual Life

Isa. 56.2; The Sabbaths: The particular concern is here observing the Sabbaths of the LORD.

The Sabbath brought rhythm and discipline in to the spiritual life. It is not praying when I want to pray, or meditating when I want to meditate. Prayer and meditation and all the spiritual exercises should become part of our disciplined life if we want to attract people to Christ by our life style.

The Hindu and Muslim religions are characterised by their disciplined spirituality. The lack of such a disciplined life makes Christians often the laughing stock before others.

4. A Serious Spirituality

Isa 56.2; Not profaning it: It is not just observing the spiritual discipline but taking it really seriously. God is not just interested in the mere observance of Sabbaths, but observing them without profaning it.

Read Amos 5.23-24. God’s annoyance is expressed here. People are satisfied that they had observed the Sabbath. But the Sabbaths offered by unholy lives is something God abhors.

See also. Amos

5. Concern for Justice and Righteousness

56:1, and 2 "refrain from doing evil."

6. Conclusion

Mahatma Gandhi is an example of the many who are lost by the wrong life style of Christians. Though he stayed with a Christian family and used to go to church on Sundays during his stays in England he remarked later in his life: ÔI want to be like Christ; but I don’t want to be like Christians.Õ

Paul said be imitators of me as I am the imitator of Christ. 1 Cor. 11.1.

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