Summary: An outreach sermon contrasting the relationships humans have with pets to God’s desire for all his children to know him as Father.

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PETS – are we God’s pets ?

Bible vs – Matt 10:29-33

For those of you who know me you are probably wondering why I am talking about pets. Let me start by saying that I do know something about animals – I’ve eaten quite a considerable amount in my time. My favourite animal would have to be kangaroo, well done with a pepper sauce. I’d like to save the animals and become a vegetarian, but they are just too delicious.

?? First of all I just want to ask you – who here has a pet at their house ? White ants and rodents don’t count.

Who has more that 2 pets? Then 5, than 10

It’s easy to clock up big numbers with a fish tank or an avery

We have had a number of budgies at our house. I don’t think we ever had one that made it through the summer without deciding it’s all to hot I think I’ll die.

Similarly we’ve tried keeping pet fish a number of times and that’s been even more distastrous. I don’t think they have ever lasted more than about a month for us before they end up getting flushed down the toilet. After first going belly up mind you, we never had them long enough to get bored and want to send them on an adventure to the sewerage treatment.

Too be honest with you, each time we’ve had these pets they have either been deemed a berry family pet, or else mushels – my sisters. I can’t remember having one of my own, I’m guessing one of the fish were probably mine – but we had them for such a short time it’s all a blur now.

The good thing about not owning them is you can them tease them, you know tap on the fish tank, flick the fish to make it go faster. It’s because of kids like I was that I’m so pleased that reincarnation thing isn’t going to happen – I wouldn’t want to be the pet of a kid.

Anyway mush was pretty much always the person who was meant to be the master of these pets. But how often she actually fed these animals, or even now feeds the cat is pretty low.

?? Do others relate to that, who here has a pet owner in their household who forgets to feed the pet at least once a week ?

Simply put, Mushel is a poor master. I’d say at least twice a week, mum would remind her to feed the cat. And the reply would come back, I’m really busy can you do it.

When I think about how bad a master kids like us are for pets, it makes me glad God isn’t like that. I guess it could be because actually God made us, rather than just purchase us from a smelly shop where you get a pair of humans in a bag for a few dollars.

Instead God made us as the pinacle of his creation. It says in the bible that God was pleased with all the animals he made – and when he saw it he realised it was good. But it wasn’t till he created humans that he called his creation very good.

Anyway the bible talks about how God made us in his own image. He loved us that much, that’s why we aren’t just another chore to him. Instead we are his creation who he cares for dearly and he is even interested in our lives.

Thankfully God is a great master. Who created us and cares enough for us to be there for us at anytime. I’m sure there are times when your pets want your attention, but you are just too busy. Well God is never to busy for us. He is just waiting and wanting us to turn to him at anytime. He will listen to you at anytime, and he even speaks back if we care to listen to him.

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