Summary: Is Our Preaching in Vain??

Are We Preaching in Vain?

Gen. 6:9-22

Noah was a righteous Man way back in his day

He was a preacher, and He preached for 120 years

But His only Converts were His wife

His three sons and their wives

Only seven people in all, That was his converts!

His ark though was a strong message to his generation

It was a visible monument

And it was telling of the WRATH OF GOD

Which was coming

The preaching of Noah fell on Deaf Ears

No doubt He was mocked

And He was ridiculed, He was made fun of

No doubt they told him how stupid he was!

Some people wrote articles as to why there could

Never be a universal flood

These people hadn’t never seen it rain

But Noah entered the ark

With no man’s blood on his hands.

Noah knew what his commission was

He had the Courage because God gave it to him

He took his converts

And He had a clear Conscience

Cause He had already preached them the truth

I have to preach the word people – THE TRUTH

I have to warn you of the storm clouds that’s

On the horizon - in the not so far away sky

I have to warn you of the storm and the wrath

That is coming

And please listen people

It ain’t gonna be to far off!!!

I know that trying to live a Christian life

Ain’t just easy pickin’s

Nobody told us it was gonna be a flowery

Bed of ease

We are going against the grain living Christian

When we were living in sin, The devil didn’t

Pay much attention to us because we belonged

To him

Now when we become Christians the devil

Is mad, because he has lost us for his cause.

Gen 6;17 says

And, behold, I even I do bring a flood of waters

upon the earth, to destroy all flesh, wherein is

the breath of life, from under heaven; and

everything that is in the earth shall die!!

Everybody has storm clouds coming in their

Lives sooner or later

Maybe you have experienced some storm’s

Today or yesterday or last week.

And I can promise you that you weren’t alone

And it ain’t over yet!!

Maybe you’ve had a death of someone you love

Very much

Or maybe you’ve committed a sin in your life that

is dominating your mind or your heart and

Its taking you down

You see - Storm Clouds come in many different

Shapes And sizes

Maybe you have a relationship that’s gone bad or maybe you have let alcoholism or a drug addiction

Pull you down!!!

Or if you have never been through a storm

I can tell you this

The storm clouds are building in the distance

And they will be here soon!!!

Preachers don’t just try to step on your toes

They don’t just try to make you feel bad

Preachers are just following God

I have to preach to warn you of the storms

That’s coming

Just like Noah did!!!!

I have to preach to you that there is another

Way for you to live in this OLE dying world!!!

There is eternal life waiting for you if you just

except Jesus into your Heart before its too late!!!

Picture Noah preaching what no doubt was

his last sermon to all those Godless people

The ark was finished and is standing there with

An Open door!!!

The preaching of salvation has already been

Offered up to them

Who will come and seek refuge in Noah’s ark?

Noah was a righteous man,

He was blameless among the people of his time

He walked with God – He seeked God’s face

The earth was corrupt in God’s eyes and full of violence

Noah was of excellent character among these


Noah’s lifestyle was against the grain of all

The rest of the people of his time

The earth was full of evil and perversion

Sin and violence

How would they know that there was a different

Way To live if a preacher didn’t preach the truth??

Noah preached to them that there was a different

Way to live their life

They might not choose to change their way

But that was between God and them!!!

Its a preacher’s job to show you just like Noah that there is a different way to live but if you noticed

Noah couldn’t just show them by his preaching, He had to show them by his life!!

I pray that someone can see something in my life

That hopefully they will want a taste of!!!!


I have to preach God’s patience to you

And I have to preach that your sinfulness

Ain’t gonna last forever!!!!

There is gonna be an end to it all

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