Summary: God is, without a doubt, our BEST friend. But what kind of friend are you to Him? Here are three qualities God looks for in a friend, all demonstrated by Abraham, who was called the "Friend of God."


Text: John 15:13 – 15


• “What a Friend We Have In Jesus”

o Loves you unconditionally

o Tells you the truth

o There when you need help

o Encourages you to be a better person

o Always keeps his promises

• Jesus is your Best Friend, and He is also the God that created the universe

John 1:1, 14 “Beginning Word, with God, was God; Word made Flesh and dwelt among us.”

• When we sing “What a Friend We Have in Jesus,” we are actually singing, “What a Friend We Have in God”

• Did you ever stop to think that God might want you to be HIS friend?

• Abraham called the “friend of God” in 2 Chronicles, Isaiah, James

• What does it take to be the friend of God?

• Jesus lists three things He is looking for in a friend, and all three were characteristics of Abraham

A. God is looking for a friend that is devoted (v. 13)

• God wants friends that are willing to give everything for Him and put Him first in their lives

Mark 12:30 “love God with all heart, soul, mind, strength”

Romans 12:1 “living sacrifices”

• Abraham proved he was God’s friend when he was willing to sacrifice the thing that meant the most to him, his son Isaac

• Church attendance, tithing, giving

B. God is looking for a friend that is faithful (v. 14)

• If I go to my friends and ask them to do something for me, I know that they will do it

• God wants friends that are willing to do something for Him when He asks

1 John 3:18 “not love in word, tongue, but in deed and in truth”

• Abraham proved he was God’s friend when he left his family and traveled 1000 miles on foot just because God told him to

• Witnessing, ministry, standing up

C. God is looking for a friend that is intimate (v. 15)

• My friends know things about me that you don’t know

• Remember when God was going to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah?

Genesis 18:17 “Lord said Shall I hide from Abraham that thing which I do?”

• God didn’t tell everyone

• Abraham talked to God about the situation and pleaded for the safety of the people

• Prayer, Bible study


• When it comes to God, we are either strangers, servants, or friends

• Strangers – Matthew 7:23 “I never knew you; depart from me ye that work iniquity.”

• Servants – Luke 17:7 – 10

• Friends – John 15:13 – 15

• Are you a friend of God?

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