Summary: So you think there is only one abominable sin? Hmm, what if you are wrong and you are committing one?

If I use the word abomination from the pulpit what would come into your mind? Maybe 1% of you that are ardent prophecy students might think of the abomination of desolation that will happen in the middle of the Tribulation. I suspect the other 99% will think of homosexuality because 99% of the time when you hear abomination from a pulpit that is the link. However, there many more things that the Word calls an abomination.

Other than a sermon I have preached I do not believe I have ever heard one on the others. I think the Proverbs 16 text that I will use as my major text may have been preached but the word abomination just rolled out and rolled on and not hammered like I have heard it the 99% of the time. Sadly, some pastors spend almost their entire ministry on that one subject while their congregations are guilty of abominations as well.

Before I move on I want to relate a story from my prison ministry. I arrived one day to find four men in a holding cell. I would stand outside and preach to them. Three of them were obviously homosexual as they had their makeup on and their jump suits rolled up to look like Capris. The other lad was short fellow walking back and forth behind them looking like Napoleon working out a battle plan.

By this time in my ministry, I had ministered to a lot of gays in one way or another so their appearance did not even raise an eyebrow. The short lad was a Jehovah Witness and he kept saying, “Tell them what the Bible says about homosexuality!” Had I been like some I have been in contact with over the years my text would have been changed from Eph 2:8, 9 to Rom 1 or Leviticus as soon as I saw my congregation. I told the lad that I had come to preach Ephesians and that was what I was going to do. He would not let it alone and I said since it is driving you crazy why don't you tell them. At that moment one of the gays turned to him saying. “We know it's a sin. Leave him alone.” One of the other lads said, “My Mom told me I was going to be a punk. Thanks, Mom!”

After that, I was free to preach the passage I had come to preach without interruption. God is very good to me. He used to two homosexuals to silence a JW so I could preach the grace of God to all of them. Afterward, I invited them all to the church. The one who spoke to his Momma predestining him to be gay told me he lived in a town a short distance away. I said I knew a good church there if he had transportation problems and he said he wanted to come to my church. He also said he would not come in drag or makeup. I had not said anything about that. That was his offer. I told him to come on, but sadly he never made it and I never saw him again.

I have my doubts that had I changed my passage and ranted all over them that I would have gotten the response and support that I did from them or a desire to come to my church dressed in a way I did not require. I would suspect that many of my IFB “peers” need to learn from that interchange and preach the truth in the love of God to ALL people if they expect people to hear the message and allow the Holy Spirit to open their hearts to Christ. Abusive, rude, crude, street gutter language should never be used from a pulpit that is supposed to represent Christ who came to save sinners. That is not being bold. That is preaching a heavenly message with a carnal attitude and approach. Just sayin'

I know some that read this will call me a Liberal and that I am a pink tea and lemonade preacher but that is trying to cover up their own sin that I have pointed out. I am far too Right for the Left. I am too Left for the far Right. The Middle of the road folks are worried about me. The Pentecostals know I am a Baptist and pray for me. Some of the Baptists think I am Pentecostal and they pray for me so I get twice as much prayer though I think I probably get more positive prayer from the Pentecostals. Some of the Baptists most likely curse me more so than pray for me. So with all that going on I may be on the right track since Jesus and the Apostles got pretty much the same reaction. At least folks are not apathetic or ignore me. ;-)

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