3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: A sermon for graduation Sunday.

“Are You An A. C. E.?”

Today we honor those graduating to a higher level.

And to those, as well as everyone else I want to talk to you today about being an ACE.

If you become an expert in your field then you are considered by most people to be an ace.

You maybe an ace husband or wife, father or mother, or brother or sister.

You may be ace farmer, banker, teacher, doctor, nurse, or whatever you do in your career.

You may be an ace, golfer, baseball or softball player, card shark, or any other of your hobbies that you really enjoy.

But to become an ace at anything there are three things that you need to be successful: Passion – Time – Knowledge

Think about this for a second. Do you consider yourself an ace in anything you do.

I hope each of you were able to answer yes in everything you do but I know we aren’t.

As much as we would like to be an ace in everything we do we cannot because we lack the time it requires don’t we.

Now there are those who seem to be good at many things but even they can’t be an ace at everything.

So I ask you this question this morning, “What do you desire to be an ace at more than anything else?”

Now I hope that being an ace Christian was your answer this time.

If it wasn’t maybe you need to take a closer look at your priorities.

Illustration: How can a sinner be an expert?

What would it take to be an ace Christian? The same things, passion, time, & knowledge.

First of all it takes the passion. The desire to serve Jesus the way He commands.

For a lot of people that right there is a hindrance because of the things they must give up.

Next it takes time. In order for you to be good at something you must practice and if you are practicing Christianity only on Sunday you are allowing Satan to work on you the rest of the week.

Being a Christian is not a part time thing. We can’t just do it when the time is convenient.

That means are actions, our words, and our thoughts should be centered around Jesus.

To be an ace Christian it requires knowledge. Constantly looking to gain information to help you reach that status.

And that is what we are going to say that A. C. E. stands for today.

Adults Continuing Education, because we all need to be graduating.

II Timothy 3:10-17

These words are perfect to honor our graduates today at all levels.

They are also perfect words for those of us who have already graduated to understand why we need to be Adults Continuing Education.

Timothy was Paul’s understudy, someone who he had taught and prepared to go out and spread God’s Word to others.

For those graduating from jr. high, from high school, or from college these words apply to you and will apply for the rest of your lives.

Notice in verse 10 that Paul confirms to Timothy of the way he leads his life as sort of a reminder to him?

He is saying that he didn’t just teach him these things but he showed him as well.

Illustration: Don’t do as I do, do as I say. We do it to our children all the time. Don’t hit.

As Christians we are to be teachers of the word but most important we need to be doers in order to gain the respect of teaching.

Illustration: Asking Cal about a math question.

You graduates may not realize it but you have already been looked upon as a leader.

Some one you may not even know about has looked at you with the desire to be just like you.

You have gained the respect of that person simply by your actions.

We have five senses in which we gain knowledge and teach others knowledge.

1% through taste

1.5% through touch

3.5% through smell

11% through hearing

83% through sight

Paul lived what he taught and gained Timothy’s respect.

Then he warns him that he is going to be persecuted. He tells Timothy that it happened to me and if you remain steadfast it will happen to you.

Those of you who are graduating, did any of your teachers offer you a guarantee that what you learned will make you successful and that everything will be smooth sailing.

No of course not. Paul is telling Timothy to be prepared because everything isn’t going to be a bed of roses.

Just because you have the knowledge and have met the requirements to graduate to the next level does not mean it is all downhill form here.

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