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Summary: Do we really cast our cares on the Lord and leave them there?

Are You Casting Effectively?

Scriptures: 1 Peter 5:6-10; James 4:7


When I was younger, my father taught me how to fish. He took me to a pond and showed me how to place the weight on the line so that the line (bait) would sink. He also taught me how to attach the plastic bob on the line so I could tell when a fish was actually trying to take the bait. I loved using the bobs even though my father told me that an experienced fisherman could tell by the slight movement on his line that a fish was taking the bait. Well I was not an experience fisherman and I loved watching the bob with great anticipation as it started to dance on the water as the fish would start biting. Sometimes when the fish would start nibbling I got so exited that I would yank on the pole before the fish swallowed the hook and I would miss it. There were other times that if a fish did not jump on the line immediately I would start to reel it back in to my father’s dismay. And then there were many times when I got it right and actually caught a fish.

When my father was teaching me how to fish, the most important lesson that he taught me was how to cast my line into the water. For those of you who know how to fish you will know what I am talking about. It took some skill and coordination to learn how to cast it right. For example, if you push the release too soon, you ran the risk of releasing the hook during your back swing and the hook connecting with your clothes or someone else’s clothes during your follow through. If you did not cast it out far enough, you’d end up in the weeds close to the pond and get stuck in the bushes in front of you. If you did not hold the pole tight enough in your hand the pole would end up in the water. Once you cast it right then you needed to have enough patience to leave it alone so the fish could find it – something I struggled with. When my father was teaching me how to cast he would sometimes use words that he reserved for those most frustrating moments as I worked my way through each of the situations I just mentioned. But the most important lessons in casting that I had to learn was how to cast the right way so that the line did not get tangled up and cause more problems; casting to the right destination so I had a better chance of actually catching a fish; and leaving the line alone once I got the first two right.

This morning I want to draw on my limited understanding and experience in casting my fishing line to bring to you this message that I have titled “Are You Casting Effectively?” I will not be talking about our casting a fishing line, but about casting all of our cares on God. We will be examining five verses of Scripture from First Peter the fifth chapter as we answer the question are we effectively casting our cares on God.

I. The Things We Care About

Our Church is embarking on an assignment that none of us a year ago thought was a possibility. (For those of you reading this, we are evaluating a church building down in the city in an area that is not the best area to be in.) As we prepare ourselves to make the move to downtown Kansas City, there are many thoughts that are running through our minds. There is the unknown about the area. There is the unknown about the building. There is the unknown about what God truly has in store for us there. And for some of us there is the unknown as to whether or not God is even directing us to go there. All of these “unknowns” are normal and for the most part expected for us as humans. However, there comes a time when we must cast our cares about what is causing us anxiety on Him and believe that He will work it out.

There are many things in this life that we care about that causes us to experience anxiety. We care about the safety of our families. We care about our job security. We care about our friends who are experiencing trials and tribulations. We care about the world around us and our local communities. We care about our homes and other possessions. We care about our health. All of these things that we care about can often cause us to worry and suffer anxiety from time to time because something is not right. This morning I want you to consider with me if we are truly casting your cares effectively on God. Turn with me to our foundational Scripture found in 1 Peter 5:6-10. I will be reading from the Amplified translation.

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