Summary: A look at God’s promise to Abraham, and how that relates to the promise we have been given.

Are you certain of His promises?

Hebrews 6:13-20

- Sunday night many even confessed with their heart that they have trouble hearing

- I confess that sometimes even asking God “Why?” doesn’t seem to be enough

- Let’s look tonight at the certainty of God’s promises; and how we must believe

God first made a promise

- Note that he promised Abraham to be the father of many; birth of nation (followers)

- Abraham disobeyed God and the promise did not come immediately; same for us

- Consider your own walk with God; are you in His will or in your own?

- Abraham, when he finally came around, still had to wait patiently for the promise

- Because God promised, and swore by Himself, it would be delivered – He can’t lie!

-- Jesus gave this same example in driving out demons in front of the Pharisees

-- Go to Matt 12:22-28; a Kingdom will not survive if it stands against itself

Because God promised … We have two things to be assured of:

- They fled to take hold of the hope (Exodus 12-14)

-- Fled out of Mesopotamia and led people from captivity to Promised Land

-- Abraham disobeyed during the journey, and was denied entering, but still promise

-- Three major religions: Judaism, Christianity (Isaac), and Islam (Ishmael)

- We needed an eternal hope (Titus 2:13-14)

-- What do you need? What will it take to move? What are you waiting for?

-- God is not a liar; He is not able to break His own promise, even when we do!!

What do you swear by?

- Man has to swear by something; we have to give assurance to the world (creditors)

- We must be willing to commit to take a stand; as believers there is nothing greater

- Jesus committed all the way to the cross; without delay He gave His life for us

- The disciples committed to follow and preach no matter the cost; for they believed

- Today, the commitment of the believer is just not present; considered “odd”

- Call to be “weird” today – be above the average; and rise above world by standing

- Would you stand on the promise that God has given you by believing and acting?

- Quote from Revival: You cannot stand up for Jesus by sitting on the fringe.

- God wants us to step out and be different from this world; to receive the promise

- If God can deliver on Abraham’s promise, what can He do for you?

- Devotion leads to certainty; would you be devoted to the King of Kings?


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