Summary: Do you have a desire to be the vessel that God created you to be? Or do you want to remain soiled and unused?

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Here in my hand I hold this pretty china teacup. According to the seal at the bottom of this teacup it was handcrafted in Bavaria Germany, by a company called Jomann Haviland. It has a small crown as a seal, which I assume is the manufacturer’s

logo. The outside of the cup has 18 delicate blue flowers painted on with very thinly drawn stems and leaves. Above the artwork there is a lovely etching and a swirl that goes around the lip of this teacup. At the bottom there is also a raised-molded pattern to match the one that is at the top. The handle of this teacup is no more then an inch thick and it has a silver swirl imbedded into it. When I place my second and third finger into the handle, it feels a bit snug. Around the inside at the top of this teacup is another silver swirl to match the one that is on the handle. I imagine that the designer of this teacup had planned that this would be used for maybe an elegant get together or possibly a woman’s social brunch. This particular teacup came as a part of a beautiful set that was donated to my church last year. I am sure the original owner used this for only a special occasion, since the entire set was in immaculate condition when they donated it to us. This teacup and the others have been used a few times at my church for special Pastor luncheons. This teacup was not made to go into any dishwasher, so in order to clean it it will

need to be washed with a gentle soap and rag and dried right away. Then placed back ever so carefully into the cabinet where it would sit and have to wait until it would be needed again.

Now your probably sitting their wondering why is she talking about a teacup?

Before I answer that question I would like to show you one more thing about this cup. I never showed you the inside of this teacup. I talked all about the outside of it and tried to give you as much information as I could. But now let me show you the inside of this teacup. I am sure by the look on your face you are wondering what is that stuff that is at the bottom of the cup. And if you are saying “YUCK!” under your breath I cannot say I really blame you. What is inside of this teacup is caked on dirt. It is not very pretty sight and I am sure you would not want to pour your morning coffee into it. The inside of this cup is now stained and because of this noticeable stain it has become imperfect. The cup has lost its beauty and most importantly it’s purpose for being made. As I said; “You would not want to pour your coffee or tea into it” and you definitely would not want to put this out on your table for anyone to see.

This is just like sin.

In Matthew 23:25-27

Jesus was talking to the Pharisee’s of that time. He was saying how they wash and polish the outside of the cup, but inside it was still filthy and corrupt.

What Jesus was saying is that they gave the appearance that they were holy, but inside there was sin. It was caked on, just like this dirt in this teacup.

First let me start off by saying what God says in His Holy Word about sin:

1John 1:8

If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.

Also in Romans 3:23

We have all sinned and fall short of the glory of God.

So the truth is now known; “We ALL have sinned”

Did you know that God lovingly created us all with a special purpose in mind? He added fine detail to each of us that makes us unique in our own special way. Just like the craftsman who designed this delicate teacup.

Why do you think the craftsman make this teacup?

It is obvious!

It is for others to drink from and also to be admired.

So now my question is “Why did God create you?”

Isaiah 43:7

“Everyone who is called by My name, Whom I have created for my glory; I have formed him, yes I have made him.”

We are created for His Glory!!

Now getting to the sin part.

When God created you He did not put sin into you. Just like the craftsman did not put mud into this teacup.

I was the one who intentionally put wet mud into this cup yesterday morning after the rainstorm we had had the night before.

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