Summary: In part one of this series "Are You Confused" I focused on our identity as Christians. The three definitions of the word confused are: “unable to think intelligently; not differentiated; disoriented.”

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Are You Confused?

Part 1

Scriptures: Jeremiah 1:5; 1 John 1:4-10; 2:7-11; 4:7-11

This morning I want you ask you a question, “Are You Confused?” I recently completed a series on Christians and how we can identify them. This morning I want to circle back to the beginning because in order for us to grow in Christ we have to solve our identify issues. We cannot grow in Christ if we are confused about who we are in Him. So, my question for all of us is this: “Are You Confused?”

There are several definitions for the word confused, but the three I want you to think about for the purposes of this series are: “unable to think intelligently; not differentiated; disoriented.” The first definition, “unable to think intelligently” implies that a person is unable to think or reason clearly or to act sensibly. In other words, the person lacks the ability to make decisions that are appropriate for the situation. In a given situation where a “normal” person would respond a certain way, this individuals is incapable to choosing that response. Let me give you an extreme example. A person pulls up to a four-way stop that has a caution light that blinks yellow. This person sits at the light with cars backing up behind them because they are waiting for the light to flash green. Is this a normal response? Absolutely not, this person is confused. A normal thinking person would know that they are to stop and then proceed with caution. The person who waits for the light to turn green really does not know how to proceed.

The second definition, “not differentiated” implies that you cannot distinguish one thing from the other; one thing is mistaken for the other. There are no clear guidelines so everything looks the same. Consider this example, if I asked you to close your eyes and I gave you a slice of a Fuji apple and a Red Delicious apple, could you tell the difference? For me there would be no differentiation as an apple is an apple. As you all know, this is the problem with the Church today, it’s getting harder and harder to differentiate a Christian from a non-Christian.

The third and final definition is disoriented. When someone is disoriented they are confused as to time and place; out of touch with reality. Now this is an interesting one. Most of us have experienced someone who has been sick and were confused. Maybe they were recovering from having anesthesia after surgery. Whatever the cause, the person did not recognize the present time and place. Some of us have experienced this while we were traveling and turned down the wrong road because our GPS was wrong. Being disoriented can be a scary feeling because we live in the present (knowing our surrounding which include time and place.) We know that when we lose this ability we lose our rights to make a decision. I had anesthesia recently and for 24 hours I was not allowed to drive my car (which I could have done) and I was not allowed to make any legal decisions. This is standard practice after anesthesia because a person’s thinking can be impaired.

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