Summary: The Caterpillar and the butterfly.

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Are you feeding the caterpillar?

John 3:3 “3 Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God. “ Kjv

Are you feeding the caterpillar ? You may ask your self “ what is he talking about ?” well I want to tell you a little story . Once was this caterpillar ,we’ll name him George. Well one day he was just eating along feeding his body on leaves just like all the other caterpillars. He just kept on eating whatever leaf he could find . Then one day he felt an urge , a change about to take place. He climbed up a tree and walked down a branch , saw a really nice one . One that he knew he would be protected from the elements and from predators . He walked down the branch and started to surrender his body to this change that was about to happen . Soon a cocoon was made encasing George in it . He was starting to change . Some time later he felt it was time to break from this imprisonment from the cocoon . As he fought and struggled he finally was able to break free as he crawled out he notice he was different somehow. He went in as a caterpillar and now he , he had wings , he had wings! He couldn’t believe it he can fly , soon after his wings had dried he tried them out . He took off , he flew around going here and there he started to get hungry so he first landed on an old leaf like what he used to eat from but somehow he just didn’t want it , he wanted something more . He flew around and landed on a flower . Hungry and not knowing were to eat he sat there thinking about his hunger . As he was thinking he turned around and looked at this funny stuff in this flower , it was nectar . He started taking a taste WOW this was great . So pure and sweet , he couldn’t believe it . This stuff was da bomb . He ate and ate and as he did it nourished his new body . He no longer had a taste for what he had been eating , he no longer wanted to go were his old places were , he only wanted the new. He only wanted the sweet nectar that was given to him. He no longer wanted to feed like a caterpillar , to live like a caterpillar , to be like a caterpillar , he only wanted what he is now. Well George lived on as this beautiful butterfly and flew and flew and flew all over and lived happily ever after.

That was a good story . George as a caterpillar are like us when we are living in this world without Christ . We do the things of this world , we eat the things of this world . We are just like all the other caterpillars .Then as we live and get the calling to come to Christ , we start to look for Him. When we get to that branch to surrender our hearts to Christ , we see that there we will be protected from this world , from the death of this world. We see that we will be safe from the predator . We surrender our life and our heart to Jesus , and as we have accepted Him as Lord of our lives we now break free from our old shells , our old body for just as the caterpillar we are born again . Into this new creature , a child , a child who has a Father in Heaven . We become His children . As George flew around and flew around we to are over joyed that we have salvation , salvation with our Lord Jesus. When George got hungry he noticed that what he did and ate before didn’t appeal to him anymore . Just as what we did before doesn’t appeal to us we want to please the Lord not the Earth. We have to eat and just as George had to eat he sat right on what would nourish his body and didn’t know it . Just as we have what will nourish our body but don’t read it , The Bible . The Bible is God’s spoken words . It will nourish our souls like no other will .All we have to do is read it .When we read it God speaks to us , He points out things that are going on with us and threw His word shows us how to handle them . His word strengthens us helps us grow as a Christian and helps to keep us away from the old ways of living. Soon with a regular reading from His word we will no longer want what we once wanted , we will no longer eat what we once ate . We will eat His sweet nectar , the love of His Son Jesus . We will only want Jesus . If we fallow along as George did and eat only the nectar that was given to him just as Jesus was given to us we too will live happily forever with Him .

So my question is are you feeding the caterpillar or are you feeding the butterfly ,are you living the life as you did before coming to know Christ or after ?

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