Summary: A look at Micah’s guidance of how a believer should behave/act.

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Are you imitating?

Micah 6:8

Ever ask God how to act during a certain situation? How would we be different?

Act Justly

- Consider the justice God has for you and I

- Thankfully we are not judged as we deserve

-- Romans 6:23 – Wages of sin is death; we owe a debt of sin for everything we do

-- Romans 6:14 – We are not under Law, but under Grace thanks to Christ

- We are called to be faithful, to imitate Christ, to live our lives for Him in service

- God is faithful; just and upright; as we are to be

- We are to never compromise the Word; but live justly and upright with one another

Love Mercy

- We all love mercy; mercy is gateway to Christ through His forgiveness

-- Mercy and Grace are not a license to sin; but a lining up with God’s desire

- Where would you be without mercy? Where can we show mercy to others?

-- Evangelism! VBS, Backpacks, Outreach, Delivery of the Gospel

- Without mercy we would be nothing

- Without God showing us continued mercy we would have no hope of a future

- Do you need God’s mercy today? Do you need to show God’s mercy?

- Example: Standing in line at Walmart, waiting on self checkout; are you merciful to the person in front of you who might be taking forever? Or, are you bringing the daggers?

Walk humbly

- Humbleness is the opposite of pride; Pride is what gets us into trouble with God

- When we get honest before God, we begin to get humble; see ourselves for who we are

- Phil 2:8 – Jesus humbled Himself to death on a cross

-- Gave His life as a ransom

-- Our payment back at the least ought to be through our service and example

- To walk humbly is to reflect Christ to others; to show humbleness as well as be it

- To imitate Jesus we have to first have Him in our hearts and controlling our lives


- We cannot act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly unless He resides in our hearts

- Do you need Him today? Do you need to be given these three things first?

-God is not asking us to give up our lives for anyone; so why don’t we live this way

-Very simple verse; lots of biblical application for the believer

- Invitation to have these life characteristics placed within you, from the Lord!

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