Summary: We need to be like sheep and let the Good Shepherd lead us.

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The brightest future will always be based on a forgotten past, you can’t go on well in life until you let go of your past failures and heartaches. When you were born, you were crying and everyone around you was smiling. Live your life so that when you die, you’re the one who is smiling and everyone around you is crying.


How would you respond if a 10-year old boy came up and said to you, "I am worried about my retirement plan?" If a preschooler came to you and said, "I am not sure if I can pass my algebra test when I get into high school." If a child came to you and said, "I sure do not want to be a bad example for my children. How do I prepare to be the type of parent I should be?" Most of us might say to these little ones, "You are too young to be concerned about these big concerns. Be a child as long as you can and do not worry about such things. I do have son named Steven and he was such a child that I believe that he thought about such questions or ones like them as he lived with us. He was very concerned about life.

Now as we talk to adults here, I wonder do we put to much in what we worry about? How many of us have ever had to carry a burlap sack of things and it rubbed on our skin and made it itch or feel very uncomfortable? Many times our concerns are like that burlap sack of which we could say, "What will happen?" or "How will I know?" What will happen if after I go on this diet they find out that lettuce is fattening and chocolate is not? How will I know if when I die that they will give me a proper funeral service and bury me in a nice place? You se these things and others that might be on your mind today are like that burlap sack, Scratchy, hard to handle, irritating to carry and something that stays with you even after you have let go of it. So Jesus tells us here, "I want to lead you."


What is the high cost of worry? First of all worry is not a disease. It is the cause of diseases. One man who was only 20 came to a doctor saying he had lost his strength to do the tasks that were easy for him a month ago and that he was losing weight. The doctor did all the medical tests and there were no physical findings for this problem. The doctor talked with the man and found out that his fiancee was dating another man. He had made a good deal a used car but found out that the dealer wanted $200 more than he had asked at first. So the fear of losing both his girl and not getting the car was the reason for his lose of strength and lose of weight. Is that possible? We have found out that worry and not work makes us weary. The reason many do not sleep well is because they take their worries to bed with them. There was lady who brought her 5 year old son who had hives all over him. After talking they found out that it came from an environment that cause him to worry. There was a lady that visited a Dr. with one or both eyes swollen shut and her lips swollen to 3 times their normal size. Her problem was that fear of driving in city traffic and the battle of entertaining many people. Her physical appearance was caused by worry. Asthma can have as its cause worry. We know that high blood pressure is caused by hate but it also comes from worrying. One Dr. prescribed to one that was in bouts with worry was to read the 23rd Psalm 5 times a day. (Taken from "None of these Diseases" S. I. McMillen) It is also said that worry causes heart rouble, blindness, migraine headaches, thyroid and stomach disorders. We can keep at this expensive habit of destruction or decide to see what God has for help for us in His word. Jesus made a statement like this, "There is no way you can add years to your life by worrying about it." Mt 6:27 The word for worry is Merimna and is given the meaning of drawn is different directions or to have your mind that is divided. What worry does is to place all our energy that we need for today’s needs on things that might happen tomorrow or in the near future. So we have a half minded type of living. You might have heard the story about the man who hired a man to worry for him and offered him $200,000 a year. The man who was hired said as an opening question, "Where will you get the money to pay me?" "That is your first worry." Whom would you hire to do your worrying? Some do not want others to do their worrying for then they would have little to do with their lives. Is the Lord speaking here to someone?

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