Summary: becoming new in life.

The message today will make you feel good about you and the Lord who loves you just as you are.

I am here today to give you a message to help you overcome the past and move forward in Him.

Close your eyes right now and picture the perfect day.

Imagine it.

Each of us have a different thought.

Imagine it.

Imagine being there with no pressures and enjoying it.

Open your eyes.

Some of us can’t imagine that it will really happen. When we dream we at the end think that it’s great but that will never happen to me.

We have been getting attacked. You and I.

We are hurting. You and I.

We are frustrated with our life. You and I.

He is the answer.


If God before Us, WHO can be against us?

"nobody can be against you, nobody, But nobody can be against us."

The devil is a nobody.

Romans’ 8:11 says what,

If God before us, what is it’s thats against us?

The workings of the evil one.

Who is it that is against you?

It isn’t God. You have an intercessor. Jesus Christ interceded for you.

The Holy spirit joined Him for you.

When you are condeming yourself, He is standing in for you.

"Father , he said this about himself. he said he can’t make it. Show him he can through you."

"Father she says she just can’t keep doing this in this life. Show her that she can through you"

With the sheild that we have from God, we cannot lose the war with the enemy

Say this with me,

I Am what He says I am.

I will be what He says I will be

I can do what He says I can do

You have been purified, sanctified, and renewed by His love for you and if you still want to live in the past, you will live in the past

Sometimes God calms the storm. At other times, He calms the sailor. And

sometimes He makes us swim." Author Unknown

Saved from What? What does saved mean to you?

To me it means that I am saved by a man that I have never seen who on the cross,

died for me.

However, it is possible to be new and not feel new, Amen?

If something goes wrong in your life you look at back at your past and all the other things you have done wrong.

If something goes wrong we say, "O no, look at me I must have done something wrong and God is making me suffer."


Our Lord who loves us has a master plan for our lives.

The rain falls on the just and the unjust

Some things just happen in life. People go through troubles in life, those that are saved and those that are not.

The rain falls on the just and the unjust

This life is yours , however He has allowed you choices in your life and it is up to you to continue the way you are, with but no belief or believing what He has told you your life would be for.

Be careful in your walk. Don’t believe what people say, ask Him.

The enemy will use all things he can to attack you, but if you put the Lord first you will overcome the attacks of satan

Watch out for people that have all the answers for life and those who say, " all is all right in my life. I have nothing wrong, everything is perfect."

Do people talk about you. Is it always good stuff?

Everybody here has had someone talk about them and have it be a bad thing, but the Holy Spirit talks about you all the time to our Father who art in Heaven and he says good things.

Do you know why He says good things about you?

Because He loves you just as you are!

Because even though the devil is fighting a losing war, he wins some battles because we dwell in the past.

You cannot keep living in the past or with the past.

Give it up to Him.

Say to your neighbor,

" I’m not going to do that anymore!"

As long as you agree with the enemy, he will continue to put up the fight.

When you don’t, when you disagree with him, what happens...............

How do you disagree?

By not saying .....

My life is over,

No one loves me

I can’t learn

I can’t grow up

Talk back to the devil

In Jesus name you, devil are wrong and get away from me NOW!

Hold up that bible of yours

say this, "

Devil this is my BIBLE I am What is says I am."

Proverbs 19:21

God says; "what ever you do, it will turn out my way because your life is a destiny for you"

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