Summary: The Importance of making a definite decision to follow Christ.


A. One of the Greatest Questions in the Bible is

found in Ex.32

1. Asked by Moses when he came down from the

Mountain with 10 commandments.

2. What he saw angered and infuriated him!

And no wonder...

3. God’s People were worshipping a Golden Calf

and behaving immorally.

4. Even Aaron was caught up in this sinful and

shameful scene.

B. Many today think they are on the Lord’s Side

1. Many religious people claim to be on the

Lord’s side - Tit.1:16

2. Some nominal members of the Church also make

that same assertion

3. Jesus warned in Matt.7:21 that not everyone

who says Lord Lord will enter

4. Many will say....but Jesus will tell them “I

never knew you. Depart from me..”

C. Who is really on the Lord’s Side these days?

1. Don’t judge by appearances, what people say,

but rather what they do

2. We are to be doers of the word, not hearers

only! Jas.1:22,25


A. Israel had turned their backs on the God who

brought them out of Bondage.

1. He opened the Red Sea, and led them

through, and defeated their enemies.

2. Now they were refusing to stand on the

truth that He was God alone.

B. God’s People today have the same problem

1. We say we love the truth but will not

stand on it. We quickly compromise on

matters of faith & doctrine. Instead

we are to hate every false way


2. Paul tells us to STAND against the

forces of evil - Eph.6:14 “Stand

therefore,having girded your waist with

truth, having put on the breastplate of


3. There really is no room for compromise

on the pure doctrine of Christ.

4. “He who is not with me is against me”



A. The Children of Israel were never satisfied!

1. From the moment they left Egypt all they

did was complain.

2. Here their complaint was that Moses wasn’t

coming back from the Mountain.

3. They went to Aaron, and got his

cooperation to make a molten calf.

4. Then he declared, “Tomorrow is a feast

to the Lord” Ex.32:1-5

B. God’s People today need to be satisfied with

the truth

1. Too often we are like the Galatians, “I

marvel that ye are so soon removed from

him that called you into the grace of

Christ unto another gospel” Gal.1:6

2. When we are satisfied with the truth, we

will not be looking for other options.

3. We will not be clamoring for change,

seeking to have things our own way.

4. Israel worshipped this Molten calf in the

Name of the Lord, which was blasphemous

and an insult against God. They “sat down

to eat and to drink,and rose up to play”

cf. Ex.20:3-4 - “no other gods before me”

5. False worship leads to worldly and sinful

behavior. That is why we must worship God

in spirit and truth, and be satisfied with

that. John 4:24


A. When Moses confronted Aaron, he started to

blame the people - Ex.32:21-24

1. The truth was that Aaron was very much to

blame as well!

2. He encouraged and cooperated with the

wishes of the people, instead of speaking

the truth, and warning them against what

they wanted to do.

3. This is the sin of weak leadership, and a

refusal to accept personal responsibility

when mistakes are made. 33:35 "which

Aaron made”

B. God’s People today are to Speak the Truth

in Love Eph.4:15

“Wherefore putting away lying, speak every man

truth with his neighbor, for we are members one

of another” Eph.4:25

1. There should be no dishonesty, deceit or

attempt to blame others.

2. Where we have done wrong, there must be

repentance sought, and then forgiveness

shared - Matt.18:15-17 Have the courage to

admit wrongdoing.

3. Those who are on the Lord’s Side are those

who will always speak the truth!

4. And not be afraid to tell around us of

Jesus, the way, truth & life - Jn.14:6


A. Moses pleaded to God for the people’s sins -


1. They needed to be saved by the truth -

these were God’s People.

2. Forgiveness of sins was their greatest

need as it is for us today!

B. Have you been saved by the truth? - I Pet.1:22

“Seeing ye have purified your souls in obeying

the truth through obeying the truth”

1. We are saved when we obey the truth Jn 8:32

2. The truth is the Word of God which teaches

that one must believe, repent confess, and

be baptized into Christ for the remission

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