Summary: We often keep limitations to ourselves by our thoughts Actions, Talents and’s time to recognize what we are in Christ and what HE is in our lives....

The world is full of ordinary people who go about their daily living by working 8 hours a day, paying the bills at the end of the month, cooking for the family, getting the groceries from the shop, without accomplishing anything substantial....

Christian life is far beyond that in the eyes of the Lord... But sad thing is we fail to recognize it quite often.

We always put ourselves very-small in this area as we are blinded by our issues of living everyday life where we think we are good for nothing and god has nothing to do with us....

If you are the one among this I would like to encourage you today what the scriptures says about the two people in the chapter of acts 3

The two disciples peter and john were walking towards the temple as it is the prayer time at 3' o clock in the noon there was a man who walks lame since birth was being carried to the temple gate called beautiful ,where he was put every day to beg from those going in to the temple courts ( acts 3: 2 ) when they saw him asking for the alms then peter said to him to look at him and the man was attentive to get something from them, peter said to him that he does not have gold or silver but he will give what he has been given from god..Then peter said to him to walk in the name of Jesus, man received it and Praised God..

This above story says that john and peter while on their walk to the temple has healed this crippled man who expected money from them but he has been given beyond his imagination, he had just asked them to give money to fulfill his daily need but the received something beyond his imagination that could ever thought it in his life would have been a dream for him to get up and walk as he never knew how it feel as he was lame since his birth but this could happens only through the people who walked with Jesus .. He got the greatest gift of his life only through the people who got Jesus... Not by the religious leaders who were seeing him every day at the temple but it is possible only by the people who were been with Jesus....

Acts 4: 13 peter and john were recognized as ordinary people who were unschooled... It states that their nature as unschooled people and ordinary men who does not even have a minimum formal education...They are identified as unlettered people, yet the great thing happens through them so how it could be possible? Is it possible through them or what gave them such strength? And in the acts 4: 13 it says that they have been recognized by the name of Jesus that they had been with Jesus when he was on this earth...

So when we walk with Jesus we can able to do extraordinary things just like peter and john GOD is looking for the ordinary people to attempt extraordinary works for his glory and to proclaim his word all over the world ..

So to be used by the GOD we must be with him...We must have communion, communication and confidence on him then we can able to do the extraordinary things in this name..

So how can we concede that we are with Jesus is through john chapter 15:4, in this verse Jesus said whoever abides in him will bear what it is to bear fruit? How can we bear fruit when we abide in him?

To bear fruit what a tree needs essentially is few components like water, sunlight, nutrients, oxygen, and carbon dioxide in the science that we learned when we are at school we need few elements to bear fruit in our spiritual life just like the tree that needs all the elements

Our spiritual life is not constant as we think in our lives always some time we will be on top of the mountains and some days we are in the valleys but the truth is god is with us always at any point of time.

To have a wonderful journey is to have Jesus and to be rooted in him as his children to bear a good fruit As word says good tree bears good fruit..

For the tree to grow and yields fruit it needs few essential elements like water, oxygen, sunlight, c carbon - dioxide , and nutrients.

Sun light :- sunlight is the source of energy for the plant to be fruitful so as the word says in acts 2:4 holy spirit is represented himself as a light on the upper room to his disciples when we have holy spirit and when we walk in his ways without quenching him we will be alive in Jesus Christ and he will turn us in to the light of the world that we will be turned to the light houses wherever we are we are for his glory and bear fruit .

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