"Double Blessing challenges us to reframe our perception of blessing, seeing God's gifts as opportunities for increased generosity." —Pastor Louie Giglio


Summary: This is a look at our preperation for heaven. Asking the question are you prepared?

What are you looking forward too?

So often if were honest things we look forward to dont always live up to our expectations.

I remember my Kids getting really excited about the magic of Disneyland Paris. They had watched the magic of the advertising campaign on TV, it loooked great. But the reality of it when we went for a holiday was awful. We got there and it was pouring down with rain and we had to que for hours just to get on a dumbo ride that went round in a circle and up and down. I’m sorry it didnt live up to my expectations.

Every true Christian has a great and certain hope the Glory of Heaven itself awaits. Heaven Will be over and beyond our human expectations. But as yet we live in the not yet!

Can I ask you a question? Where are you going? I mean after death? Have you heard the story about the tombstone which read...

Pause now as you pass by¡KAs you are now once was I, as I am now ao you must be prepared yourself to follow me.... Then someone had etched underneath To follow you I’m not content until I know which way you went!’

In this passage we have Jesus explaining to his disciples the only way to Heaven Is through him.


Here we have Jesus in the upper room in Jerusalem speaking with his disciples prior to His crucifixion. The Last Supper as it is well known and still undertaken to this day until he comes. These disciples were continually looking forward to Jesus being their earthly Messiah. But He did not live up to their pre-conceived ideas instead he would be a suffering servant who was not going to bring down the might of Rome but was to conquer sin, death and the devil.

Jesus could see their troubled heart. .

Jhn14; 1. ¡§Do not let your hearts be troubled¡¨

He wants to comfort them here at this point regarding his Kingdom to come and his return

Disciples faced troubles and are very distrught at this time.

Jhn.13; 21,22. Jesus said one would betray him. Jhn 13.22 disciples were perplexed.Lk. 22; 23. They began to question amongst themselves who! Lk. 22; 24. A dispute arises; who¡¦s the greatest. Jn 13; 38. Peters rebuked by Jesus. lke.22; 15 Tells them of his suffering again 3x (never sinks in!)

Jesus explains they have continued with him in his trials for three years they had walked with Jesus. Leaving behind lucrative business to follow Jesus and the stigma of their fellow Jews. They loved him! Many would be martyred in the years to come.

Be prepared for trouble disciples!

Some Christian¡¦s say we should be healthy, wealthy and wise. I say beware! Nobody is free from trouble. Financial, family, friends, work troubles. Anxieties, stress, depression, disease, call it what you may nobody is amune. (What about you?)

John.16; 33.Jesus said in this world you will have trouble.

Heard the humorous story of the little boy who wrote on an anniversary card to his grandparents happy adversity rather than happy anniversary. But if you’ve lived a long life this should bring a chuckle because you know life brings it problems in all shapes and forms. ( we are guaranteed to face troubles.)

¡§Do not let your hearts be troubled.¡¨

Jesus here is not meaning do not let your hearts be sensible of the trials, or sad because of them. Be not ruffled and discomposed; be not disquieted by them. But what he is saying although things are falling down right in front of us sometimes.


We have a certainty that cannot be taken away from us through the troubles of this life as his disciples he is addressing his people the redeemed, chosen sanctified ones. Do you belong to him?

The watch illustration the puritans. The often view the Christian life like a watch as we look at our lives, its like looking on the inside of the watch with all the parts working in different directions. But God sees the outside going round perfectly second by second and minute by minute. All things in our lives have a purpose the good and the bad.

Many people consider affliction as a thief who comes to steal ones joy, its better to look at it as a friend coming to give you endurance.

The world blames God! Many turn to the physciatrist, social worker, relate even drink and drugs many fall into ruin day by day many even commit suicide no hope no future. But how wonderful it is when we here of those brought out of darkness into His light. I can bear testimony to that in my own life,can you?

Expand on our Sin problem.

Are you going through troubles at this moment in time Jesus calls to you today! Jesus said Come to me all you who are weary and heavy-laden and I will give you rest. Rom 6; 23. For the wages of sin is death.

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