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Progressing - To move forward while proceeding steadily to the advancement of a goal.

Regressing - To move backwards while falling back to an earlier spiritual level of growth. To return to an earlier state of development, maturity or understanding.

Why People Spiritually Regress -

Some people are not wholly devoted to the Lord. Lord. (Col. 3:23)

Others turn away from God as Solomon did. (I Kings 1 1:9)

Others allow temptations to conquer them. (Kings 1 1:1-13)

Some let pride bring them down. (Prov. 16:18)

Some let lusts conquer their mind, will and emotions.(l John2:15,16)

Some let the evil desires of their heart to defile them.(Matt. 15:18)

0thers let their love for God grow cold. (Rev. 2:4)

Some run ahead of God through their own fleshly efforts. (Gal. 5:4)

Some become discouraged, frustrated or resentfully bitter. (Heb 12:15)

Some allow the good seed of God's word to be choked out by the worries, riches and pleasures of this life. (Mark 4: 1-21)

Some do not continue to consecrate themselves in all areas of life. (' Pet. 3: 15)

Some get distracted and settled for mediocrity. (Rev. 3:15)

Others give in to carnal, selfish or egocentric (Gen 13:1)

Some fail to press for the higher goals that are in Christ Jesus. (Phil. 3: 14)

Some fail to grow in their faith as Abraham did. (Rom. 4:20,21)

Others compromise to gain peoples' favor, acceptance or a sense of belonging to some group (Gal. 4:8-10)

Some fall into the devil's entrapment. (Gcn. 14)

Some fiddle with the insignificant and non-essential matters while forgetting to concentrate on the essentials of God's priorities(Gal. 6:6-1)

Others surrender to a life of ease to please themselves, their families and their close personal friends. (1 Thes. 2:3-8)

Others simply fail to make the wisest choices regarding the will of God. (John 7: 17)

What Factors Contribute Toward Spiritual Regression?

1. Choosing friends and associates who are not wholly devoted to the Lord God (2 Tim. 2:24-26)

2. Fear of people as Peter denied Christ because he feared what others would say about him. (Matt. 26:70-72)

3. The love of money as the root of all sorts of evil. (I Tim. 6:10)

4. Disobedience to the Lord, the scriptures and the prompting of the Holy Spirit (I Sam. 15: 11)

5. Giving in to societal, tribalistic, nepotistic, cliqueish, or family pressures. (Gal. 1:10) Lack of knowledge, wisdom or connection to the whole will of God. (Col. 2:3)

6. Failure to remember and appropriate the promises of 2 (Cor 1:20)

7. Listening and following carnal or ungodly advisers (Eph. 4: 14,15)

8. Giving in to the pressures to care for the things of one's earthly distractions and cares. (l Cor. 7:35)

9. Failure to see things from the mind of Christ. (Rom. 12: 1,2)

10. Inability to cooperate with the body of Christ. (Eph. 4:13)

11. Lack of endurance, patience, or perseverance in doing good (I Cor. 15:58)

12. Selfish ambition for power, prestige or popularity. (Acts 8:19) Love of the world as Demas who forsook Paul and the ministry after ten years of faithful service. (2 Tim. 4:1-10)

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