Summary: The perspective of Joseph is changed from a shocking surprise to a willingness to accept the cultural pressures associated with seeming to break the rules.

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Week 2 – Joseph’s perspective -

Last week we started off the advent season talking about perspective. I encouraged you to break away from the perspective that comes from the world. The views we pickup from the culture, like when we hear elevator music where we tend to just mindlessly humm along not realizing how much we have been influenced.

So, last Sunday, we looked at Mary and the statements the angel made about her. Her perspective was a complete change of every plan and expectation that she has ever had or even dreamed about.

The perspective of a culture would be that Mary was an adulteress. Or that Joseph was unrighteous and influenced this poor girl. Or that together they stepped outside the limits of the law and were impure and unrighteous as a couple.

Those are hard views. Last week we acknowledged that Mary was already strongly influenced by the Holy spirit and clearly stated her obedience to the angel Gabriel’ s message.

But while we look at Mary’s story and think wow what a strong and far sighted young lady we also noticed that she was able to contain the excitement.

She packed her things and headed off to see old aunt Liz and uncle Zack. Maybe to confirm part of the message and perhaps to figure out what or how to tell the family about this “good news.”

Since there is no description of reactions from family as he is leaving then we believe that she left only stating a desire to see her relatives.

Joseph had to be wondering why she would take off like that.

What kind of a person just takes off on a wild hare to head off to the hill country. It seems like she would have told the husband.

I think, He had to be wondering why? Why take off like that now?

Ok, ladies I think I need to explain something I think most of you already know. Especially those of you that have been married for a long time.

I have been blessed to me married for over 27 years. But, there are times when I don’t have a clue as to what Renee is really thinking. She may say or do something and I don’t have any concept of why or what it means.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that it is something strange or silly.

Definitely not a situation or action to laugh at.

But, I wonder what it means.

Did I do something wrong?

Did I forget something I was supposed to do or remember?

I end up with an uncomfortable feeling because I have doubts about me.

If I feel this kind of uncertainty after 27 years, how does a young man feel as a newly wed or as a fiancée?

The shorter the term of the relationship the more uncertain most men feel when they try to understand women.

Can you imagine Joseph’s point of view. His betrothed, married and living in the required separation period. He is looking forward to the day he can bring his bride home.

Her folks just say that she wanted to visit her aunt. For several months she had been gone.

I don’t think I can fully imagine what his concerns could be. But as the days went by and no cell phone or email or even regular mail, he had to have tons of questions with no answers.

All he could do is what a man does to get his mind off of problems.

He probably works: We have more choices today, TV, computers, other distractions including work.

Joseph’s nights are long and he had way too much time to think. I imagine that his mind is full of his on questions and doubts.

- What if she changed her mind?

- Or maybe she had doubts as to what kind of provider he would be. After all he is only a carpenter working on projects and sometimes only day to day.

Maybe he is more positive

- Perhaps he thought that Mary was making a special preparation for the wedding, you know a surprise…

Let’s look at another Video clip from The Nativity Story to set the stage for Joseph’s perspective.

CLIP CLIP CLIP - Mary is back

--- Well he was probably surprised alright.

After worrying that He was not good enough or other things, he sees or hears “the truth.”

Mary came home after 3 months wearing some of Old Aunt Elisabeth’s maternity clothes.

Is there a good way for the betrothed to find out that there is a baby coming and it is not HIS.

I guess surprised would not have been the word.

Perhaps shocked and hurt, or disappointed and betrayed.

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