Summary: Are we truly thankful for what God has done. In this message we will take a look at what we should be thankful for.

Are you Thankful?

Psalms 103:1-5

How many enjoys benefits? When we get a new job, we always look at the benefits to see if the job is worth doing or not.

Whenever I worked a secular job and was handed a benefit package, I always made sure I looked through that thing to see what all I’m entitled to.

Let me share with you something this morning church, the Word of God is the description of our benefit package.

Everything we need to know about what God desires to do in us, through us and for us is found in His Word. So let’s look at it this morning.

First of all, we are not to forget our benefits

How many remember back when you were dating? Do you remember when your boyfriend did that special something that really took you off your feet? I mean that made you feel special, it made your heart flutter, your toes tingle, you felt loved.

But what happens as the years go by? Your married now, you get up and both of you have morning breath, you hair is sticking out every direction, you’re not at your best look.

The tingle is gone, the heart is just beating instead of fluttering, your toe hurts instead of tingling, you’re not sure what you feel, and it’s just another day.

Those feelings you had in the beginning have all but faded away. What’s happened? You’ve become familiar with that person. I’ve found that people we become too familiar with start to take us for granted. It’s not big whoop when you come by.

How many knows that it can get that way when it comes to living for God.

Do you remember the joy you had when you first got saved. I mean you were so excited, you wanted to others what God did in your life. You wanted to get your bible out and read it. You showed up to every church service, you prayed and fasted. You were on fire for God. You were so thankful for what God did for you.

He saved you from a life of sin, you changed your direction from hell to heaven. He cleaned your life up, made you brand new. Some who knew you, wondered what got into you. You knew what it was, it was Jesus!

But the weeks passed by, and instead of looking for a reason to come to the house of God, you look for excuse to stay home.

Instead of getting into the word, you prefer your favorite tv program. Instead of taking your situation to God, you go to bed worrying how it’s all going to work out.

This doesn’t happen to everyone one, but it happens to too many believers.

There’s some who have been saved for years and their heart still burns hot for God. They’re in the word every day. They pray regularly, they’re upset when they can’t make it to the house of God. They’re in love with Jesus.

What happens that causes such a disparaging difference. We all start out at the same place, at the foot of the cross of Jesus Christ.

We can’t make it without Him, there is no salvation under any other name than that of Jesus.

The difference is some people forget their benefits.

Let me ask you this morning, are you thankful for what Christ has done for you?

A problem in the lives of too many believers is we treat God as common. Another danger we run into is when we get the attitude that we deserved what God did for us.

Listen church, we need to be glad we haven’t gotten what we deserved. If we’ve gotten what we deserved, we all would be on our way to hell right now. But God has been merciful to us, and has given us great grace, by not giving us what we deserve.

The fact that Jesus died on a cross for us is more than we could ever work off. We can’t pay God back just for that one act of love.

We owe our entire lives to Jesus for what He’s done. It shouldn’t matter if God does one more thing for us, the fact that Jesus died for us is enough to last us for eternity. Could I get an Amen!

But the Psalmist David tells in Psalms 103 some things that we should be thankful for and that’s what I want us to look at this morning.

Secondly, the Word begins to describe what are benefits are…The first benefit is He forgives us all our iniquities or in other words, He forgives us of all our sins.

I’m so thankful for salvation.

I was on my way to hell but He saved me. He was more interested in my condition than I was so He went after me and He revealed my heart to me and I saw the need for Him.

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