Summary: This sermon has to do with the encounter Jesus had with the woman at the well.

1. Times I’ve been thirsty

A. When I get up in the morning

B. After I exercise

C. After I work

D. Just setting around watching TV

2. Tell the story of the woman at the well

A. Who the woman was

1. Thirsty

2. A Samaritan

3. An adulteress

B. Jesus asks for water

1. He shows His humanity

2. He speaks of living water

3. About Physical water

A. Uses of water

1. Cleansing

2. Drinking

3. Cooking

4. Putting fires out

5. Recreation

B. Water is easily equated to life

1. The body cannot live without water

2. All creatures and land need it to grow and be healthy

4. About spiritual water

A. Spiritual water is the kind Jesus gives

1. Water that quenches thirst for good

2. Water that gives eternal life

3. Water that fills us

5. Are you thirsty yet?

A. Thirsty for God

B. Thirsty for life

C. The water is here and now

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