Summary: Aren’t you tired of living a mediocre experience? This sermon focuses on taking your hunger and putting it in the right place...Getting God to Manifest His Presence in your life!

Aren’t You Hungry…

This is the first teaching of the series entitled “Do You REALLY Want Him?”

Giving all Glory and Honor unto the one who all Glory belongs; I would simply like to begin by saying THANK YOU GOD! Thank You for affording me the time and opportunity to seek after your presence and to realize your Glory being revealed in my own life.

As I pondered about a few things, I became aware of just a few things, however, the primary & prevailing question that kept arising was “Do I TRULY know who God is?”

I realized that we know about the things of God and we practice those things that we believe to be true about God. We say we know where God lives and say we know what God likes, accepts and what God disapproves of. We know all about God and His things that He manifests for our benefit just because we ask for them. We even know that the Bible is right which means that somebody obviously got it all wrong. We’ve studied the love letters that God has written to man throughout the centuries and so we claim with righteous indignation that we know everything there is to know ABOUT God.

But my question is not what do we know ABOUT God but do we TRULY know the Lord God?

We go to Church and speak in other tongues and quicken in the Spirit, lay hands and prophesy. We see people “delivered” from their ailments and diseases: and we say that’s ALL God has to offer. We say that is the FULLNESS of the Lord God. I say to that, if that’s all God has to offer, I want a refund!

Do you really want to know God? Do you really want God or are you happy with the things that God has to offer?

There is very little difference for us preachers. We think because we can call Bishops and Prophets nationwide on their personal lines and go out to lunch with the Evangelists and Prophets we find on television we think we got it all figured out because after all, that is the Will of God for us to find favor before men while neglecting God’s Glory is it not?

We’ve had the opportunity to “start” churches and every church proves to be successful based on how many people came instead of being based upon how many people have an experience with the manifest presence of the most High God.

So now is that the success that you wanted when you first began preaching or did your passion for experiencing the manifest presence of God diminish with everyday of seeking to please people while ignoring God?

DON’T YOU FEEL HUNGRY? Don’t you hunger and thirst for Gods Glory to reclaim your spirit. As the song says as the deep panteth for the water so my soul longs after you. When was the last time your soul longed for God? When was the last time, you had to pant or you had the desire to pant after God and was willing to go after God at ALL costs? When was the last time your soul LONGED after God that nothing would do but the presence of God?

As I speak to so many in the church, it dawns on me how tired we are of the fake. We something real to hold onto and stake our claim! Personally, I’m tired of “church as usual!”

Every week we go through the same thing! We sing, we dance, we prophesy, we dance, we speak in tongues, we dance, we lay hands, we dance, we listen to the preacher not because we’re gonna get something out of the message instead, we’re waiting for a chance to break out in a dance. You ought to be danced out!

We haven’t experienced but a smidgen of God, not what God has to offer but a smidgen of ALL that God is and we want to claim His Glory as our own. I’m tired of it and church folk! We thing we have God down to a science and then we have the unmitigated gall to give the science of God a name: Theology. We CONSTANTLY put God in some box and pray that God doesn’t come out because that would completely mess up our study that we KNOW cannot be flawed.

I’m tired because I’m hungry, you’re tired because you’re hungry but we keep on trying to fulfill our hungry in all the wrong places.

The whole truth is that the Church made itself look like the end all of all our problems and we aren’t getting the pie that everybody promised! We want to truly know God and that deep hunger isn’t being satiated by today’s Church of popular theology and prosperity indoctrination.

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