Summary: Jesus would have us exercise loving non-judgmental leadership and bless those around us.

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As A Leader Are Your Eyes Clear And Wide Open?

In Luke Chapter 6 at verse 37 Jesus had been speaking quite briefly, and simply, but obvious and challengingly, about giving. Last week’s piece dealt with that one verse.

You can almost imagine these disciples sitting there listening in blind unbelief, to what Jesus was saying, so right away Jesus tells an appropriate parable giving a relevant picture.

Can you imagine two blind men? One leading the other and they are trying to cross a busy road. That is one dangerous situation, and Jesus makes that so clear in verse 39.

What is Jesus really saying? Look! If you are my disciples have your eyes open. Know where you are going. If you are going to lead others, know what is going on! Leadership has always been vital in the Church of Jesus Christ, and it is certainly vital in these present times. There is not a lot of sound clear biblical leadership going around, and many people are being misled and deceived.

Jesus saw the leadership of the church of His day, and the Pharisees and Scribes were spiritually blind, leading people astray.

Leaders have to have their eyes opened. Leaders have to be able to see further along the road then others, leading positively – setting the pace, and setting the example for others to follow.

Think of the lives and ministries of Peter and Paul and John. Let their example motivate and inspire you to be faithful and obedient, and to be so to the very end.

Perhaps we have a touch of humour next, in verses 41 to 43, where Jesus speaks about a man with a large plank in his eye. He is not aware of it, but he is very much aware of the tiny speck of dust in his brother’s eye, and he seeks to deal with that speck.

It is not so funny in reality, because is that not how we frequently behave in the Church of Jesus Christ?

The whole situation is absurd, but this happens, all too often.

Jesus is teaching disciples - first examine you own heart and put your own life in order, before trying to meddle or interfere.

Looking back over this whole section in Luke Chapter 6, Jesus is teaching us what to expect as we serve and obey Him, and He shows us how we can be richly blessed.

Jesus explains who will appear as we are blessed - enemies – but He encourages us as to how we should respond - by loving - by doing good - by being merciful.

Yes, we have to confess and admit that this is not easy at times – but it was not easy for Jesus and it was not easy for any of the disciples in the early Church.

Jesus spells out and explains the nature and quality of this different kind of love, and the characteristics of Christian love, in very practical terms.

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