Summary: I want Jesus to turn your life around

ISAIAH 4 : 2

Jesus writes messages and if he doesn’t reveal them, it’s still from the Lord. The carnal man is involved in being the best. Man has taken credit for his wisdom, and stare those down who step up to the plate; and he claims to like the stars that look like those who stepped up to the plate. Jesus says we don’t have anything when one trust in other gods, if you want them bad enough, Jesus gives them to whosoever with consequences.

Jesus talks about David thy father and how he wanted another man’s wife for his own; they say like father like son, but I find that hard to believe. If you truly call on Jesus, he will satisfy you to reality, and you want need know body else. And you call him, if you want him from the bottom of your heart, you can get your bed bug situation fixed.

Jesus uses the same bugs that will eat our flesh away that will make you say “Who The Hell are they” Jesus down on a nation that name his statues, but have not walked in the ways of their shepherds, nor in the ways of simple. Jesus laid down conditions by how man will wear his abominations openly. Haven’t he taken on a whoring spirit. Jesus says in the last days men shall be lovers of themselves.

Certain men have taken the place of woman; they want what belongs to them her glory, hanging from her head. Jesus sat still while one of his daughters wiped his feet with her hair that was excellent.

A woman will forever be special in a man’s heart, because she is from man, and she is beautiful.

I don’t care how you look at them or treat them, they are special. That uniqueness about them is deadly. Ahab is following the abominations and hiding behind hypocrisy, and guest who taught him. At least he has character; it could be as though he is friendly, humble, and meek.

Watch your friendship, because if you move to fast what you thought wasn’t a blessing end up being what you needed, because if you didn’t need what you have Jesus doesn’t wasn’t anything; he told his disciples to gather up the fragments that remain that nothing be lost.

If He knew you couldn’t do the job, you wouldn’t have been born in Paradise; you wouldn’t be born in the ghetto. You wouldn’t have the peace that you have, because you just recovered from a divorce.

Whatever the heart covers, it’s just a matter of time before it is revealed. Jesus was circumcised that skin is still covering the good that many of you are hidden. It’s just a matter of time before the Lord start cutting away all that you have been hiding unintentionally. Jesus revealed that good in your soul, but you can’t get to it without him.

Unusual changes are participating, will you thank Him. Thank Him for protection because Brothers are killing brothers and they are from the same afflictions; pray that they are escaped of Israel.

Jesus took away the plagues that he sent on our ancestors. Now, man trying to press charges on God, Jesus is a murderer because of how he kills people, children, and wives and all their goods that they trust in. The same sickness, Jesus healed; he kills with it. Jesus is really “Terrible” He created good and evil; make yourself fear him until you tremble. Jesus is the Father of every spirit that exists in heaven and in hell.

They know of Jesus and his exclusive healings that contains power that is ever known to science.

Look at where Jesus was born; the face of the deep was visible through the door where baby Jesus lay. Jesus is moving upon the face of the deep, and he says let there be light; and he saw it. One has to see it too, because there’s two lights the greater light and the lesser light. Many shall depart from the faith; and they shall give heed to seducing spirits, and doctrine of devils.

There is a way out of being seduced like Jesus seduced Pharaoh by hardening his heart. Who you think is seducing our young generation? Jesus has spoken unto us to go into the entire world preaching his gospel; you can preach it online now; he made a way for us, so one might tell the devil let my people go that they may serve me.

Jesus says cry aloud and spare not lift up your voices like a trumpet. Jesus smites the border with frogs, although today man has something to kill them with. Jesus knows that fish is a part of the food chain, and if they mess with water they mess with food that’s good for the body. Jesus tells us about famine, and how man will wish he was dead but cannot die, because after death is the Judgment. There is no more dying after leaving this world; God made us complete forever.

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