Summary: This sermon gives five aspects of a woderful mother as outlined in the text.

I. Introduction

a. What does it take to be a wonderful mother?

b. Lets look at five aspects of a wonderful mother

II. The Marriage of an wonderful Mother (10-12)

a. Worth more than rubies

b. Husband has confidence

c. Seeks good for husband not harm

III. The Behavior of a wonderful mother (13-24)

a. A hard worker

b. Shows concern

c. Takes care of Household

IV. The Character of a wonderful mother (25-26)

a. Strength and Dignity

b. Wisdom and faithful instruction

V. The Family of a wonderful mother (28-29)

a. She is praised by her family

b. She isn’t like ordinary women

VI. The Secret of a wonderful mother (30)

a. Charm gets you nowhere

b. Beauty doesn’t last

c. To fear the Lord is the Secret

VII. Conclusion.

a. Today we give the reward of a wonderful mother (31)

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Adetutu Oke

commented on Apr 29, 2015

Wonderful message to all mothersand challenge

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