Summary: God has placed an anointing on your life and because of that anointing the devil is trying to assassinate you.

¡§Assassination Attempt¡¨


Elder Melvin L. Maughmer, Jr.

Jer.1:5 & Psalms 91:1

We all know of some assassinations and assassination attempts, rather we are old enough to remember the experience or if we only read of them in history class we are familiar with them.

For example:- Abraham Lincoln was assassinated on April 14, 1865 at Ford Theater in Washington D.C.. Martin Luther King was assassinated April 4, 1968 on the balcony of a hotel in Memphis Tennessee. John F. Kennedy was assassinated November 22, 1963 while riding in a motor cade in Dallas Texas. March 30, 1981 there was an assassination attempt on then President Ronal Regan. Nearly two months later May 13, 1981 there was an assassination attempt on the highest religious figure in the world Pope John Paul II. Theses assassinations or attempts were done on people that had the potential to turn the world upside down.

Assassination/Assassinate : - To injure or destroy unexpectedly and treacherously, to murder by sudden or secret attack for impersonal reasons.

** : September 11, 2001, America was forever changed. We lived in a comfortable state of existence. We really didn¡¦t worry about terrorist or fear any opposition from any other country. Our lifestyles were relaxed and comfortable. However, on 9/11 we were abruptly made aware of an assassination attempt on our way of living. Instantaneously we moved from a comfortable way of existence to literally living in fear. There had been an attack upon our peace, an attack on our security, an attack on our lifestyle. The enemy, without any personal reasons, set out to destroy unexpectedly America¡¦s standard of living.

In the spiritual many-times although we have the ability to turn this world upside down, we get into a comfort zone. We get used to a comfortable state of spiritual existence. We get caught up in the normalcy of having church, we become conditioned to programs failing to realize that an assassination attempt has been done against our lives because we have the potential to turn the world upside down.

You must understand that you have been marked for assassination.

We find in our text of Jeremiah 1:5 the Bible says ¡§Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee, and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.¡¨

This scripture is so very powerful and is loaded with clues to the time and realm that transcends what we can fathom in our minds. Let¡¦s break this scripture down.

„« Before = at an earlier time. It is stating that at a time prior to a particular time.

„« Formed = mold into a certain shape

„« Womb = the place something is generated.

„« Sanctified = set apart.

„« Ordained = to invest officially with priestly authority.

„« Prophet = one that utters/speaks inspired revelations.

„« Nations = refers to people.

You see in an earlier time before you were formed God knew you, this is spiritual it has nothing at all to do with the natural, it is 100% spiritual. In the spiritual realm God sanctified you, which means He set you apart and ordained you, which means He officially invested in you the priestly authority to proclaim the name of Jesus to the people of the world. Then He placed you in the womb, which was the incubation process. While in the incubation process this calling was being generated in you. When you were born in the natural there was a mark that was placed upon that you cannot see in this natural realm because it is a spiritual mark that God place upon you in an earlier time. However, the devil, which is a spiritual being is able to see the mark of God upon your life and he is determined to assassinate you.

The trial and tribulations you go through are assassination attempts on your life. The Bible says in 1st Peter 4:12 ¡§Beloved, think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened unto you¡¨ its assassination attempts.

However, we can rest assured because I find in the Bible in Isaiah 54:17 these words ¡§No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue [that] shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This [is] the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness [is] of me, saith the LORD.¡¨ There is no weapon that the devil can form that will be able to do you any harm, there is no assassination attempt that can cause you to loose your life, but it¡¦s conditional.

Psalms 91:1 says ¡§He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.¡¨ All you have to do is dwell in the secret place of the most High and you shall abide under the shadow of the almighty.

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