Summary: I have a classic story to share with you about a young boy who was once destined to live in royalty…at least so he thought. He was the grandson of King Saul and was destined to one day become the king of Israel.

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There have been many stories written about people who were considered to be very poor (i.e. paupers and peasants) who dreamed of one day becoming wealthy (i.e. royalty and living in a palace). Stories like “Cinderella” or “The Prince and the Pauper”.

“Cinderella” was only a poor girl until one night she was fortunate enough to be invited to King’s Palace for the Ball… that’s a great classic in literature, but only a dream for most young girls. Everybody enjoys stories of people who become successful and rich while living in obscurity or poverty. Those kind of stories never grow old and yet seldom does anything like that ever happen to someone as common as you or I.

Or does it? Did you know that the Bible has lots of success stories you can read about and enjoy…and I mean really enjoy? Especially in that all the stories of success found in the Bible are all true stories.

This morning I have a classic story to share with you about a young boy who was once destined to live in royalty…at least so he thought. He was the grandson of King Saul and was destined to one day become the king of Israel. That is until tragedy came to his life when he was only five years old. Everything that was ever promised to him came to an end when in one day his grandfather, King Saul, and his father, Prince Jonathan, were killed. That same day he was in an unfortunate accident when both of his feet were crushed and he was crippled.

Perhaps many of us had great dreams for our lives when we were young. We dreamed that someday we would be somebody. We would be so different from everybody else we knew. Perhaps the dreams you had were of becoming a famous movie star or a great athlete. I know of one child that is convinced that he will one day become the President of the United States.

And then one day we all grow up and realize that those dreams are not going to take place. We are not as naive or innocent as we once were…

So then – what’s my point?

God’s Word tells us that God’s plan for our lives is one of blessings and prosperity, and that’s not a dream…

Example: One day was talking with His disciples after He had done several miracles. Hs disciples were very impressed and Jesus said this to them,

“Greater things than this shall you do…”

you see – Jesus believes in you. In Matthew 17:20 Ejsus also said that,

“if you have faith as a mustard seed you will say unto this mountain, ‘Mover from here to there’, and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you.”

None of the great plans for your life will ever happen unless you know the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

God’s plan of mercy and forgiveness includes taking you out of your poverty of sin and disbelief and allowing you to come and sit AT THE KING’S TABLE.

Text: II Samuel 9:6 – 8

There is a great deal to this story, but we don’t have enough time to tell it all. What we can see in these few verses is that there is a very kind and compassionate king who has shown favor to a poor boy who was crippled and helpless. This cripple boy could not come into the king’s presence without being carried.

The boy’s name was Mephibosheth and he was the son of Jonathan and grandson to the previous king, Saul. Both his father and grandfather had been enemies to King David, but now Mephibosheth had been summoned to come to the palace.

This all happened because King David had once made a promise (covenant of friendship) with Jonathan. Even though Jonathan had betrayed his friendship with David, King David would now honor that promise.

King David was a man of his word and mercy.

This story of the King’s friendship serves as an example to all of us of the promise God made to all of mankind.

Even though mankind betrayed the King of Heaven and Earth with disobeying Him, god still wants to restore His friendship with you. The King of Heaven and Earth is One Who will always keep His Word with us.

Consider in our story that King David had ruled the greatest nation in the world, and the people of Israel loved and obeyed him. All of King David’s enemies had been destroyed and his territory had grown to ten times of what it had been.

King David was strong and mighty. His riches were great, but he had one last bit of business to take care of before his great kingdom would ever be complete.

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