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Summary: Let us put-on Christ - first in attitude then in action

Attitude Adjustment

1 Peter 4:1-5

Therefore, since Christ suffered physically, you too are to arm yourselves with the same attitude. For whoever has suffered physically is finished with sin,

with the result that he lives the rest of his earthly life no longer controlled by human desires, but by God's will.

For you have spent enough time already living the way the pagans want you to live — in debauchery, lust, drunkenness, orgies, wild parties and forbidden idol-worship.

They think it strange that you don't plunge with them into the same flood of dissoluteness, and so they heap insults on you.

But they will have to give an account to Him who stands ready to judge the living and the dead.

We must be armed with the same Attitude –

As Christ.

What type of attitude did Jesus have?

Well we know that when Jesus

Took a stand on an issue

Like working on the Sabbath

The Religious leaders

Did not like His position

When he took a stance on

How to deal with the woman caught in adultery

The religious leaders didn’t like His position

Today is no different

Pastors are immediately attacked –

if we issue any direction,

or correction.

if we take a stand for something

there is always the “religious ones”

who complain –

and take offense

the reason why great

offense has come to the church

it’s because of

the feminization of Jesus

So if we fail to act in a feminine manor

We are attacked

Love to many people

is the “flower power”

type of love

If you love me

you’ll just leave me alone

to do my own thing.

However, If he is lord

Then He don’t just leave you alone.

Try bowing

Every time to you call Him Lord

That will give you the

Understanding we need

As to who Jesus really is.

The feminization of God

Has caused many churches

to not speak the whole truth

For instance

1 Peter 4:1 – Arm yourself is a military term

Think of the many men

who think church is for women

It was the opposite manner

in the time of the apostles

When people thought of Temple –

It was a male dominated

Jewish synagogue world

Listen, the

Instructions to women

in the New testament

Only shows that women were allowed to be in attendance –

Peter and Paul in their writings

included them

And so

when you try and apply the rules

of New testament living

to today

Your missing something

When the women were getting instructions,

it was on

how to enter a men’s world.

Our culture has no idea –

So when they read the New Testament

They are offended

And think women are not allowed

Or women are to be excluded

But that is not true

The apostles knew

That for women to be powerful

In the gospel

And to be accepted by society

They had to enter the men’s world

And be accepted

Therefore they had to follow certain rules,

So the culture of the time

Would accept the women

And not discard them

So most of what was written then

Was culturally based –

And does not apply to today’s world.

There are certain things that women

Then needed to be told

For instance

They needed to be told

not to shave their heads

Because although the women thought it

A Fashion statement

Those that practiced it

Were prostitutes.

There were temple prostitutes

So the church leaders

they didn’t want the men to think it

these were prostitutes

the church leaders were concerned about

the appearance of evil

This was a different place –

A holy place.

Another is

The women had questions

And in temple

They were asking questions

Across the isle to their husbands

And they were disruptive

So they were told

to ask the questions at home

not to just speak out loud.

Peter was writing things

to get women in the church

And not keep them out

He was actually trying to include women

Not exclude them

Men & women need to be educated –

And understand the context

And culture

of what was written

Some people and

Even church leaders

Thought the apostles were


But it was not compromise

It was loving

And slowly they were

Trying to change the

Cultural mindset

Of the men

Who were the ones

mainly involved in the temple.

They needed an attitude adjustment

We need an attitude adjustment

And the church

needs an attitude adjustment

But today

we have the opposite problem

the feminization of the church

So most real men

Can’t grab a hold of the idea of church –

it’s been so feminized

We’ve remove all the

War terms

and victorious language

Women do most of the work

In the church today

The men

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