Summary: Over the next few wed. nights we are going to look at some events found in OT concerning Israel’s journey from Egypt to the Promise land and I trust together we can discover some truths that we can apply to our life concerning our attitudes.


adopted from the book: LORD, Change my Attitude (before it is too late)

by James MacDonald Pg 19-26

We Are Often living in a Spiritual & emotional Desert w/o realizing it.

Over the next few wed. nights we are going to look at some events found in OT concerning Israel’s journey from Egypt to the Promise land and I trust together we discover some truths that we can apply to our life. Before beginning our journey in the OT, Let’s look at I Cornithians 10

In V1 -4 Paul reminds the Corinthian Church that the nation Israel had spiritual guidance and

instruction- pillar of fire by night and cloud by day.

Yet v5- they still disobeyed even in the presence of the Lord .The Consequent of the sin - Death- Death in the Wilderness. Sin caused them there very lives. (Numbers 14 identifies that sin)

V6 - It is to serve as an example to us.

V7 - lust (crave after) both Israel and Corinthian Church

Look at the examples Paul gives- Idolatry -putting other things before God..

V8- Immorality-23,000 fell in one day


Do all things without murmurings or Disputing Phil 2:14

Why ? Phil 2:15,16 - tell us it affects our testimony to others.

Simply complaining can harm our testimony, but wait there’s more

Jude describes the Apostates (false teachers) in a four-fold way.-Jude 16

1. Murmurers and complainers -top the list - find fault in others but no flaws in themselves

2. Follow after their own lust - looking to satisfy own desire or craving

Speak evil v8

Even of the things they have no knowledge of- v10

3. Prideful - speak great swelling words (swelling -boasting , puffed up- II Peter 2:18)

4. Manuiate people - using people to their advantage

Ill-Song in 1980’s - using things and loving people - that’s the way it ought to be

Notice : Enoch in Genesis called them ungodly (Jude 14,15)

The destiny of these people.... I Cor 10:10..... destroyed

I cor 10:11 - these are examples to us notice last part of the verse—Ends of the world to come –

That speaks of the last days

These struggles are the same today as it was back then

v 12 serves as a warning -Change before it is to late

v13 reminds us that while we all struggle with sin and relationship walk with God. Be encouraged God provides a way of escape.


Bad attitudes can lead to a wilderness wandering in our lives. Good attitudes leads to a blessed journey in our spiritual walk to the promise land.

Some may say attitude is not important to God it is our Actions that count. May I remind you where does God look? At our Heart –( I Sam 16:7) he looks at the motive behind the act.

Motive is by definition an attitude of the heart.

Attitudes are important to God.

Numbers 13 the twelve spies return with there report , 10 with bad , two -Joshua & Caleb with a good report. V30-Notice Caleb’s confidence -We are well able to overcome it. Numbers 14:6-9 reveals Joshua’s confidence - Lord is with us fear them not. V 9

Israel’s response v10 - ready to stone them

v11, 12 God is angry and wants to wipe them out

v13 -19 Moses pleads with God

v22- God is angry- not hearken to my voice. God Speaks to us but we don’t hear him because of Sin in the way.

V26-29 - God identifies this sin -Murmuring (v27)

Murmuring cost them the chance to see the promise land

Murmuring cost them there lives.

As we study the events leading up to Numbers 14 and the reaction after ,(in the weeks ahead) we are going to examine five basic attitudes that constitute Murmuring. God wants us to transform our lives.

1. Complaining attitude

2. Covetous attitude

3. Critical attitude

4.Doubting attitude

5. Rebellious Attitude

A murmuring attitude is just as dangerous today as in was in Moses day. May the Lord help us to change our attitudes.

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