Summary: This is a sermon starter for Preaching out of the second chapter of Colossians showing our all sufficiency in Christ. Autarkia is the Greek word used in the text for "all sufficiency".

“Autarkia” (Greek) “Fully Sufficient”

Colossians 2:10-23 “In Him you have been made complete”

There are certain things that tend to clutter up the simplicity we have when we are complete in Christ. II Cor 11:3 spoke about those who are deceived, having been led astray from the simplicity and purity that belongs to Christ:

1. Philosophy Col. 2:8

“See that no one takes you captive through philosophy and empty deception according to the traditions of men, according to the elementary principles of the world rather than according to Christ.”

Philosophy is always searching but never finding, and yet getting a PHD for merely looking.

Speculation is earthbound logic talking to itself and involves the A B C’s of the world (baby talk) – the infantile musings of poverty stricken minds. Philosophy does not advance man, it keeps him infantile.

2. External Religion (ritual) Col. 2:16

Focusing on what you eat, festivals, Sabbaths, all a shadow, but the substance belongs to Christ. Circumcisions, fastings, washings, rites, duties, special clothes, dietary laws, these are all externals that have no bearing on internal, heart matters. Since Christ, the substance, is here you don’t need the ritual, so don’t let anyone judge you on those kinds of things. You have Christ.

3. Mysticism Col. 2:18

Elevation of the mind. Subjective, intuitive experience, feeling, enlightenment. Let no one steal your prize by delighting in self abasement, vows of poverty, forbidding to marry, worshipping angels, visions, secret revelations. Let no one defraud you (by mystical experiences). These subjective experiences try to rob you of what you already have in Christ. “Inflated without cause in your fleshly mind” Proud, self important, “Vs. 19, “these people do not hold fast to the head.” Instead of exalting Christ, they exalt self.

4. Asceticism Col. 2:20

Submitting to decrees, “Do not handle, do not taste, do not touch.” Examples: Rastaferians, and in the middle ages “Holy Vermin” people who did not wash – ridiculous self denial vs. 22 – destined to perish. Vs. 23 Why do this? – the appearance of wisdom in self made religion- flagellating themselves, severe treatment of the body, but asceticism is worthless, there is no spiritual benefit.

(Outline from Ken Knowlan)

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