Summary: Where Are You? It is a question asked in Genesis 3:9. Adam and Eve had just eaten some fruit from the forbidden tree and, sensing God's presence in the Garden of Eden, they hid among the trees. While they were hiding, God asked Adam a one-word question.

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Where are you?"

Where are you? It is what we ask our children when they knock over the living room lamp and hide behind the sofa with their foot sticking out. Where ARE you? Today God has allowed me the opportunity to reveal a Rhema Word Ayeka (Where Are You), Some Spiritual Principals and most importantly our faith in God to help us transcend adversity and help us answer the call of Ayeka.

"Knowing How To Move Beyond Your Current Location"

"I am Not Where I am Suppose To be, But Thank God I am Not Where I Use To Be."

I really had to look at this statement, and over he last two years, The More and more I studied this Biblically Based Human Philosophy, the more I understood how the enemy works and what God expects from us as disciples' of Christ. Let me help you understand where God took me yesterday morning on my journey to work. I encourage you to help me paint a picture of this statement in your mind, so we can get a visual, and please acknowledge when you see what God has revealed to me. When ever I am not where I am suppose to be, whether it is a physical location, a spiritual place or a set of goals for me and/or my family. This statement defines immediately that I do know the location or the end result, I might even have knowledge of the remaining time left, before my arrival, but I do know where I am suppose to be. I may not know how to get there, I may have got lost along the way or I could have even purposely strayed of the path. What ever reason, we can come up with for not being there, the question is generated........then "Where Are You" (Ayeka.)

So back to my original, yet controversial commitment to revealing the philosophical tricks that the enemy has implemented in the church doctrine, disguised as terms and verbiage we utilize everyday in a biblically based manner.

"I am Not Where I am Suppose To be, But Thank God I am Not Where I Use To Be" ........Then Where Are You

God did not need to ask Adam where he was, it was Adam who needed to be asked; and God does not need to ask each one of us Ayeka, it is we who need to be asked. Adam stammers and says, "I realized I was naked so I hid." And God, ever the patient parent, says, "Who told you that you were naked?" And the man says, with no shame or irony: "The woman you put at my side! She gave me of the tree and I ate!" So God asks Eve, and she responds the same way: "The serpent duped me and I ate!"

And so God has their answer to Ayeka, where are you? Adam and Eve are in that place where they justify themselves by blaming others. They are in the place where they are too ashamed and angry at being caught to take responsibility. They are in the place where they simply hope the consequences of their act will magically go away. Thank goodness we are not like them! Thank goodness they are only primitive characters from a story while we are both sophisticated and real. Thank goodness that unlike Eve and Adam, we have good reasons for breaking our moral codes. Thank goodness that we are have nothing to hide, our excuses really do justify our behavior.

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