Summary: (BAC = Bakerstonw Alliance Church) this sermon deals with the vision that God gave me for our church, however very appiclable to any church

BAC the Hospital

Luke 5:37-42


A. Has Our Vision Changed?

B. Well Yes and No

C. No, we will continue to build up kids complete in Christ, we will continue to pursue that with all our hearts

a. Granted we might not use the phrase, “Building up Kid’s Complete in Christ”, but the idea will still be there

D. Yes, Our vision has been further revealed to us. I wish that we could be in complete sync with God the Father at all times, that we could ask Him what He wanted us to do for the next 100 years and we would be able to listen and apply without errors. However, we know that is not going to happen

E. There was a Christian Organization that had a vision statement a long-range plan, and all that good stuff. Along came an opportunity for a new program that was not ever though of in the Long Range Plan. So they went a head and started the new program

F. I thought that the program was a great idea and I saw how it all fit in.

G. But out of curiosity I asked the Organization the following questions

a. Did you seek God before you made the whole long range plan ect… Yes

b. Did you feel God leading your during the whole process… Yes

c. Do you feel that it was the correct vision and plan Yes

d. Then why did this occur

H. The answer to that question was on of the most insightful answers I have ever heard. It was “Simple because we cannot fully comprehend a perfect God with a perfect plan

I. I imagine if they would have had that revealed to them back when they would either think it is a crazy idea and dismiss the program, or not do it the way God wanted them to

J. As I was driving home form a wedding in Rochester the other month, I was flipping through the radio and ended up on WCTL out of Erie. On that Radio, a guy was talking about vision and gave an illustration that made me go ahhh I finally get it, so allow me to use that illustration

K. Let just say you were buoying a plane ticket

L. On this trip being the cheep person that you are there were 5 layovers. Here is the Itinerary. You drove to Cleveland to save money then from Cleveland you flew to Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh to charlotte, charlotte to Atlanta, Atlanta to Dallas and Dallas to Chicago. When talking about vision it is a lot like a flight with a bunch of connecting flights, it is that path that was chosen for you by God. In order to reach your destination you had to go through all of that. Sometimes the same is true with Vision. To get to were God lead you it can be a long strange path

M. Today we are going to look at what God has been leading me to say for a while now

N. We are going to look at

a. What verse best describes Bakerstown Alliance

b. What is our Vision Then

c. What will it take for all of this to happen

I. What Verse Best Describes Bakerstown Alliance

A. Explanation

1. I was at a conference once and the speaker asks everyone to answer this question: “What Verse Best Describes You Ministry?

2. Boy did I struggle with that one

3. It was not one of those things where a verse just instantly popped in my head

4. So I kept searching, praying, asking God to answer that question

5. There wasn’t any hidden agenda, I was looking for a verse or a couple of verses that tells about what Bakerstown Is all about

6. Finally after some deep soul searching, intense prayer, and a lot of waiting I was lead to Luke, Luke 5:27-32 (Read them)

B. Application

1. As a little side note, Matthew (also known as Levi) held one of the best evangelistic outreaches of all time

2. But then I got down to verse 31 and 32

3. I thought about those verses, thought and thought and thought

4. Look at them, they make sense

5. You go to the doctor when you are sick.

6. Now granted you do get check up’s when you are healthy, but let’s not get sidetracked

7. You go to the doctor when you are sick, when something wrong, when something is bothering you

8. Currently I am feeling healthy, I have not even though about going to a doctor

9. Take a look at verse 32

10. Keep in mind the previous verse, keep that verse in context

11. Jesus is saying that he did not come for the righteous, those who are perfect, those who do not have sin

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