Summary: We attend church for many reasons but the real reason that we should attend church is because of who Jesus is.

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Colossians 1:15-20 (NLT)

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(Opening Illustration idea from Bruce Lee, "Out Of Peanut Butter" sermon central)

Intro: Were going to start the sermon this morning a little differently than we usually do. This first part is an interactive part of the sermon.

. How many have seen the game show Family Feud. The producers survey 100 people on a particular question and place the top five answers on a board and cover them up. Then five members from a family go against another family and try to guess the answers.

Whoever does the best gets the points.

. Were going to do a modified version of this today. I need five volunteers to play the game. (pick 5 people). Now in the game the people buzz in, today I am going to call on you. You five stand up and come to the front please.

. We want the top five answers to this Question.

. What excuse do most people use for not showing up for church?

1.Weather, too hot or cold or rainy.


3. I don’t like those songs they are singing these days.

4. It’s hunting or fishing season somewhere.

5. I really don’t like that preacher.

. I have spent all week praying and studying and meditating about today’s sermon. If you are here for “Back To Church Sunday” I don’t want you to think that I am picking on you or singling you out. That’s God’s job, not mine. I just thank God that all of you are here this morning to worship God and hear the Good News of Jesus Christ.

. What I do want us all to look at this morning and have some self examination is why do we come to church. Not why we don’t.

. There are all kinds of reasons that we don’t come to church.

. Statistics tell us that around 80% of people claim Christianity while only about 20 % attend a worship service regularly.

. Much of it is due to the way we do church.

. Three pastors got together for coffee one day and found all their churches had bat-infestation problems. "I got so mad," said one, "I took a shotgun and fired at them. I missed and it made holes in the ceiling. The trustees are still upset with me."

Another pastor said, "Well, I tried trapping them alive. Then I drove 50 miles before releasing them, but they beat me back to the church."

The third pastor said, "I haven't had any more problems since I took action." "What did you do?" the others asked, amazed. "I simply baptized and received into the church and I haven't seen them since!"

. We love to look at numbers and measure our success by how many people we baptize and how many members we have verses how many are or become committed to the Lord in our churches.

. We fuss and fight and get mad when we don’t get our way because we forget about who is supposed to get their way. In case you don’t know, that would be Jesus Christ, the head of the church.

. This morning, I want to look at some scripture that tells us why we come to church. Why we come on a regular basis and worship God.

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