Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: We need to obey God, stay away from wicked, phony, rebellious people, otherwise we would be swallowed up too!

Bad company!

Numbers 16:26” ….Depart now from the tents of the these wicked men! Touch nothing of theirs, lest you be consumed in all their sins.”

The people who disobeyed God and stayed close with the evil doers were all swallowed up along with their households. We need to obey God, stay away from wicked, phony, rebellious people, otherwise we would be swallowed up too! The more close you get with wicked people, their wickedness would slowly rub off on you too. Caveat!

2 Corinthians 6:17 "Therefore come out from them and be separate, says the Lord...” May be you don’t drink, but avoid also sitting along with a person who is boozing. If you are encouraging an illicit affair instead of reprimanding that person, then you also would be partaking in the sin. It probably wouldn’t be wise for a follower of Christ to link up financially – such as in a business partnership – with an unbeliever, especially stay away from people who do fraudulent business dealings. Proverbs 13:20”….the companion of fools will suffer harm.” The list goes on…

The Bible warns us, “when you stay close to them, you would be consumed in all their sins”. The officials who were closely associated with the pagan monarch Pharaoh enjoyed high power, status, privilege, opulence, and all the royal luxury associated with the palace. But alas, they also became hard-hearted and disobeyed God and His Word like their king. The Bible says, ‘…when Pharaoh saw that the rain and the hail and the thunder had ceased, he sinned yet again and hardened his heart, he and his servants.’ Observe the words, ‘he and his servants!’ Eventually, the servants of Pharaoh, who were cavalier about their own sins, got drowned in the midst of the sea along with Pharaoh! Proverbs 11:7” When the wicked dies, his hope will perish, and the expectation of wealth perishes too.” Let this come as a warning to you today!

Who you’re working for, your close comrades and all your relationships are very important! God wants to get involved in every area of your life! You cannot just invite Him into your life on Sundays and leave Him the other days – no, God is concerned about you and would like to be involved in every area of your life. Rev. Billy Graham said, ”We see the world kicking God out of education, government, marriages, the home, and even church.”

Friend, I’m speaking with you right now, stay away from the old hang-out places, avoid ungodly conversations, and cling to God and His people.

Ephesians 5:11 “And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness…”

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