Summary: God is in control.

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moab feared Israel so they sent for Balaam to curse Israel.To encourage him to go they sent payment for his service.


reward of divination-the art or practice of using omans or magical powers

these people must have seen or heard of the power that Balaam had.


God told him not to go and he didn't. this gives him the appearance of being Godly to the reader.


round 2; the offer of a great name,fame and lots of loot.

Balaam replies in pride he can give me all i still won't go unless God oks it.

God don't,balaam gos anyway,God get mad


Balaam realize God 's not playing he is told not to say anything that God don't tell him.


I can not curse what God has not cursed.(you could almost say that came right out of the devils mouth)

Num 23:13-22

blessed again


Even though he spoke what God said he still looked for a bad report in his omans that he used and found nothing to curse them with.


Balaam new it was pointless to go to look for enchantments so he set his eyes on the wilderness wanting to curse this people(for the money) God took control and blessed!! blessed!! blessed!!

conclusion:It's not that Balaam did not believe in God.Many today believe in God and still serve gods.Balaam is not the only wicked person God used in the Bible(Mat.7:22-23)states that many will do things in his name and still be rejected.don't be fascinated by sign an wonders.Do they bare the fruit.

we must realize that Satan does have power.witchcraft is real there is a power of darkness.He knows the ability of his power.But we should know in who our power lies and his ability.Then we could boldly say

>>>>>>>GREATER IS HE THAT IS IN ME!!!<<<<<< than he that is in the wourld.

With all that being said none of that ever has or ever will have power over Christ.And it cannot cross!! again it cannot cross!! i said it cannot cross the blood!!!

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