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A) Balaam is mentioned five times in the Old Testament.

* Here in our text – Deut. 22; Josh. 13; Neh. 13; and Micah 6.

* He is mentioned three times in the New Testament – 2 Peter 2:15-16;

Jude 11; and Revelation 2:14.

B) Balaam is one of those strange, mysterious characters in the Bible.

* Some characters are clear as crystal, easy to see and easy to understand.

* On the other hand there are characters in the Bible who seem to

walk in the shadows.

C) For instance, Saul was a character like that ... Samson was like that.

* Judas is one of those mysterious characters ... You just can’t really

understand why they did the things they did.

* Balaam falls into this category.

D) The Bible tells us in 2 Pet. 2:16 that Balaam was a prophet.

* But it becomes very obvious that he was not a true prophet.

E) He was a false prophet ... He was a phony.

* We are going to see a rather amazing story unfold as we consider

the life of this man Balaam.

F) Four chapters in the Book of Numbers talks about this man

named Balaam – 22; 23; 24; and 31.

* Three references are made in the New Testament to him, which says to

us that there is an important lesson for us to learn in this man’s career.

G) He serves as a warning to the people of God.

* His name is mentioned 60 times in the Bible.

H) Keep in mind that the children of Israel were on their way

to the Promised Land.

* The old generation is dying out ... The new generation is getting ready

to enter into the land.

* As they move, they are conquering their enemies – You will find

that in chapter 21.

I) Now in chapter 22, they are going to encounter a different kind of enemy.

* They are going to find an enemy of the mountain, and they are not even aware

that that enemy is there.

* In fact, there’s no evidence that they really know what’s going on

behind the scenes here.


A) The Bible says that sometimes satan comes as a roaring lion to devour.

* But on other occasions the Bible teaches that satan comes as a serpent with

subtlety and trickery, and also as an angel of light.

* It is very important for the people of God to understand spiritual warfare.

B) Do not let the extremes taught by some in the area of spiritual warfare

cause you to miss the fact that the Bible says in Eph. 6:12 “For we .......”

* God’s people need to be aware of what’s going on.

* I want to mention three things in this study of “Balaam And His Donkey.”

C) I want us to look first of all in chapter 22 .......

* And I want to talk to you about .......


A) The opening verses of chapter 22, lets us know that the children

of Israel are on the way .......

* And Balak, who is the king of Moab, hears about them.

* In v.2-3, he has seen what they have done ... The Bible says that he was

frightened of them ... He was scared of them.

B) There was no need for him to be frightened .......

* Because we are told in Deut. 2 that the Lord commanded the children

of Israel to pass on by them.

C) There was not going to be any confrontation – But he is frightened.

* He has heard what a mighty nation this is.

D) He decides that he is going to have to call upon supernatural powers.

* He’s going to have to get into the realm of the supernatural and try to combat

this massive nation of people who are marching near him.

E) He has heard about a man named Balaam.

* We are told in v.5 of this chapter that Balaam was from Pethor by the river of the land.

* Pethor was located on the banks of the Euphrates ... That’s modern Iraq.

* It’s an amazing thing when you study the Bible how much bad stuff comes out of Iraq.

F) Here is this prophet named Balaam, and he is a prophet of some reputation.

* Balak sends some officials there, an official delegation ... The message to Balaam is,

“Come and curse these people for me.”

* Balaam’s reputation has preceded him because we are told in v.6b that Balak the king

had heard that whoever Balaam cursed was cursed and whoever he blessed was blessed.

* So he had a reputation ... He sends for him ... He wants him to curse the children of Israel.

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