Summary: This is an example batism service at pool side


A little girl sat with her parents during a baptismal service one Sunday night, which was a new experience for her. She exclaimed in surprise, ‘Why did he push that guy in the water? Why, Dad, why?’ Her mom tried to explain briefly and quietly, but she just wouldn’t be satisfied.

Later that night the parents tried to provide an answer that a child’s mind could comprehend. They talked about sin and told the little one that when people decide to live for Jesus and ‘do good’ they want everyone to know. They then explained that water symbolizes Jesus’ washing people from sin; when they come out ‘clean,’ they are going to try to be ‘good.’ The little girl immediately responded, ‘So then why didn’t the Pastor just spank the man?’”


A home carries memories. EG Bianca at other home.

This home will now carry a very special memory – Greg’s Baptism.


Greg we met you just a few months ago, and yet it seems like we have known you for years. You have become so special to us.

Greg I count it an honour to have you as a friend, to have you as a special brother in Christ and today I have to honour of baptising you. You have blessed us and we say well-done brother. Today you have made God smile.


God, who gets invited to dinner at your place? How do we get onto your guest list? Walk straight act right, tell the truth. Don’t hurt your friend, don’t blame your neighbour, despise the despicable. Keep you word even when it costs you, make an honest living, never take a bribe. You will never get blacklisted if you live like this. If you do these things, you will never be shaken.


HEAVENLY FATHER, we come together in a spirit of joy to link still more closely to Your holy love one of Your children. Take into Your keeping the life of this your servant, Greg, that he, being dedicated to Your service, may in all sincerity follow the way laid down by Jesus the Christ, and turn to those things that will release still more the Divine within him. Guide him and sustain him, and grant that this Baptism may indeed signify a rebirth of the spirit within, so that he may work for the coming of Your Kingdom. Amen.

READ JOHN 1:29-34


Baptism of our Lord Jesus Christ, three very important events took place:

1. Jesus prepared Himself by self-denial and prayer;

2. He received the full power of the Holy Spirit;

3. He was welcomed by God the Father to Sonship and partnership.

These are things that every child of God can receive if, with understanding, he/she comes with a true desire to be baptised by the power of the Holy Spirit.


During life many tests, but if you believe in Christ, the protection and guidance can be yours; and should you fail at times, you can take comfort from the thought that by striving to rise above the faults of the past, the time will come when you shall fail no more.

This experience of constantly striving to turn away from sin will buy you a ticket to guidance by Holy Spirit. And once the Holy Spirit is acting in your life you fill find that the desire to safeguard others on the steep road of life; so that they too may resist those influences which are hurtful to the soul and the body will grow ever stronger.

In service to others you will show in your life that power which comes upon you today, and which can give you peace, both now during our earthly moment and into our heavenly everlasting.


O LOVING CHRIST, receive Greg Your son into fellowship with You, and grant that by the dedication of his life to the cause of truth, purity and love, he may be used to bring love, peace and understanding into the lives of many. Blessed by Your power, and strengthened with Your truth, may Greg always be ready to receive Your direction, and go forth to work wonders in Your kingdom.


Greg, are you willing to affirm your promises to God and to strive to fulfil His Will, as laid down by the Master Jesus Christ?

Do you accept that to live in Christ you need to acknowledge your sins and repent from your past ways, always relying on the blood of Jesus for salvation?


MAY the Holy Spirit sanctify this water and use it to bind Greg to the service of Christ; that he may ever follow in His footsteps, in love, obedience and service.

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